Sep 12, 2020
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Philip Kirkorov said that the relationship between David Manukyan and Olga Buzova reminds him of love with Alla Pugacheva

00:57, 09/12/2020

The king of pop believes that there are real feelings between the rapper and the singer.

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Philip Kirkorov and David Manukyan released a joint video for the Rolex track in early August. The song was included in Manukyan's debut music album. According to the plot, David and Philip appear in the images of rich rappers who live a luxurious life. The filming process of the musical video work itself cost the musicians dearly. For grills alone, the performers had to spend more than 5 million rubles each. The video also showed a Rolex watch, after which the song was named.

The unexpected duet of the king of pop and the rapper aroused the interest of the public, and today Krikorov and David became guests of the Evening Urgant show on Channel One. During a conversation with the host of the program, Ivan Urgant, the musicians talked about how the video was shot, as well as about their creative path. Manukyan said that although success came to him quickly enough, the path was not easy. David admitted that he moved to Moscow and Novosibirsk due to problems in his personal life and lack of money. “At night I took tickets, flew to Moscow, lived with relatives - ten people in a two-room apartment and everything worked out. Here you are, I'm with Kirkorov ”- said the rapper. For the support, David is grateful to Olga Buzova, who always helps him move forward.

Philip Kirkorov and Davil Manukyan

Kirkorov also noted the special relationship between Manuyan and Buzovoy. Philip said that during the preparation and filming of the video, he got to know David well and realized that the feelings between the rapper and the singer were real. Moreover, the pop king compared the relationship between Olga and David with his love for Alla Pugacheva. “They reminded me of my past relationship with ... Great. In general, when you are in a relationship with a famous person, who to some extent surpasses you in popularity and in many other ways, you want to prove to her and the others that you are worthy of this person, ”Kirkorov said.

Recall that with Alla Pugacheva, Philip lived in marriage for 11 years until 2005. After the divorce from the Prima Donna, the pop king no longer married, noting that his heart still belongs to Alla Borisovna. However, Kirkorov has two children. Daughter Alla Victoria, named after the Prima Donna, as well as the mother of Philip Bedrosovich Victoria Markovna Kirkorova, was born in November 2011. In June of the following year, the artist had a son, Martin. Both heirs to Philip were given birth to surrogate mothers in the United States.

Philip Kirkorov

Alla Pugacheva is also raising two seven-year-old children. Lisa and Harry were born in the singer's marriage to Maxim Galkin. The birth of twins also happened thanks to surrogacy. The family lives in their own castle in the village of Gryaz. This year the children went to first grade. Alla and Maxim were present at the solemn school lineup. Later, the comedian admitted that all the relatives of the star family were preparing for this important day.

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