Apr 9, 2021
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Philip Kirkorov said he was unemployed


Singer Philip Kirkorov admitted that despite the lack of work, he enjoys life.

The unfortunate pandemic negatively affected the concert activities of many stars, including Philip Bedrosovich. Despite this, Kirkorov is not discouraged, because, according to his confession, he managed to adequately provide for himself and his loved ones for many years of work in show business.

A temporary lull in work, according to the artist, has many advantages. So, he can now devote more time to children – daughter Alla Victoria and son Martin.

I now enjoy everything that happens around me. It started when the children were born. And now I am glad that I can talk with them on equal terms. In the last year, due to the pandemic, I had a lot of free time. And I spent it with them. I’m an unemployed artist now. Thank God, there is something to live on. My profession allowed me to provide an airbag. Therefore, now I am in an amazing mood, I am not angry with anyone, no one can piss me off.“, – the 53-year-old performer opened his heart.

Philip Kirkorov
Philip Kirkorov

And the other day Kirkorov visited his native Bulgaria, where he enjoyed communicating with his family to his fullest.

I had free time: I wandered the streets. Not sentimental – it’s too early for me to cry. I am at such an age when it is too early to grieve over the past years. Although it was nice to remember my childhood. Shopping in Bulgaria did not suit myself. Everything is closed there: full lockdown“, – the artist shared his impressions of the trip with” Interlocutor “.

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