Apr 4, 2021
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Philip Kirkorov ridiculed Aziza, who left the show “Mask” in tears

23:33, 04/04/2021

The king of pop said that he will forever remember the singer’s face.

Today the eighth episode of the music show went on the air of the NTV channel “Mask”… In the latest issue of one of the most rated projects on national television, the chairman of the star jury Philip Kirkorov remembered one of the participants who had previously left the program. During the dropout vote, the pop king joked about Aziza Mukhamedovawho left The Mask in tears at the end of the fourth episode.

Philip Bedrosovich remembered Aziza in a Penguin costume when Timur Rodriguez, turned out to be the member of the jury whose word became decisive in choosing a participant who did not continue his path on the project. Rodriguez admitted that he really does not want to offend anyone, to which the host of the show Vyacheslav Makarov stated that the costumes are performed by professional artists who are able to leave the program with dignity. Kirkorov did not agree with the showman. “It happened differently with us. I will remember the Penguin’s face for the rest of my life, ”said the singer. Despite the unpleasant episode with Aziza’s emotional reaction, the rest of the jury supported the joke of the pop king.

Aziza in the show “Mask”

Recall that in the fourth episode of the show, it was Philip Bedrosovich who insisted that the performer in the Penguin costume take off the mask. However, after declassifying the singer’s identity, both the audience and the jury realized how upset Aziza was by the decision of the judges. The host of the project tried to calm the artist down, but the star could not hold back tears… Mukhamedova said that she dreamed of reaching the final of the “Mask”. Apparently, in the last episodes of the season of the program, the singer planned a surprise – part of the Penguin’s costume was an egg with unknown contents. “This will remain here, with me,” Aziza pointed to the mysterious accessory.

It is noteworthy that Mukhamedova did not even traditionally perform an encore song before leaving the project. The performer only thanked the audience and the show team, and then left the stage. Even the apology that Kirkorov brought to the star did not help. “I know what she could do next in this project. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I will never forgive myself for this, ”said the king of pop.

Philip Kirkorov after declassifying the identity of the Penguin

Later Aziz shared her impressions of participating in the project… The singer wrote about her feelings during the declassification very emotionally. The artist said that the sight of the presenter, standing with a mask from the costume, greatly impressed her. “I felt cold and scared from a flash of thought. A headless penguin, ”the star shared. The singer also urged bloggers to stop condemning her behavior in a situation that they did not see with their own eyes. In addition, Aziza noted that if the director of the show wanted to hear her encore song, she would have stopped the engine and waited until all the participants came to their senses – but this did not happen, and Mukhamedova was allowed to silently leave the stage.

It is worth adding that under the guise of a Penguin, Philip Kirkorov expected to see not Aziza at all. The singer believed to the end that the suit was hiding Anita Tsoi, which the king of pop really wanted to meet in the first season of the project. It is interesting that this year the artist could not guess a single performer before today’s episode of the program. At the end of the eighth issue of The Mask, the judges decided to expose the Unicorn. The jury unanimously voted for what is behind the mask Irina Dubtsova – and they were right.

Shot from the show “Mask”

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