Sep 14, 2022
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Philip Kirkorov revealed his terrible sin


55-year-old singer Philip Kirkorov admitted what he could not refuse.

People’s Artist of Russia keeps himself in great shape. The singer was able to get rid of 30 kilograms thanks to intermittent fasting. Philip chooses bright outfits, stylish suits that emphasize his slimness. However, today the performer of the hit “Mood Color Blue” admitted that he could not give up his favorite goodies.

My main sin is gluttony! This is what I’ve been doing all my life!” Kirkorov said.

He doesn’t mind good food. At the same time, the artist chooses fatty and junk food, he can drink a bottle of sweet soda. For this reason, Philip’s weight is constantly growing. The ex-husband of Alla Pugacheva tried more than once to change his eating behavior. He went on a strict diet, did not eat pasties, fried potatoes, and other similar dishes. Restrictions gave short-term results.

Alas, I love food. I have struggled with binge eating all my life. It turns out with varying degrees of success. And then it starts all over again“, – Kirkorov explained.

Discussing what prevents him from getting rid of addiction, Philip pointed to his surroundings. The singer is not engaged in cooking. He devotes time to work, creativity.

Philip Kirkorov - photo from the archive -
Philip Kirkorov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

I don’t cook anything: cooking is not my element. I have a retinue that cooks for me. And I myself, unfortunately, have very little free time. But I never aspired to learn how to cook. I can sing well: that’s enough for mePhilip assured.

He spoke not only about the personal, but also about the experiences of Joseph Kobzon. According to Kirkorov, the legendary artist called him his successor. But long before that, Kobzon almost blocked the way to the stage for Philip. The performer of the hit “Don’t think about seconds down” did not accept the young son of Bedros Kirkorov to the university.

Joseph Davydovich once did not take me to the Gnessin Institute of Culture. Of course, I was very worried about this. But now I understand that he did the right thing. If I got into the Institute of Culture, I would have a completely different pathPhilip thought.

As a result, he became a student at the Gnessin Musical College, Department of Musical Theater Actor. In 1988, Kirkorov graduated. After a while, Kobzon spoke frankly with Philip.

Iosif Davydovich remembered this mistake all his life and reproached himself until the end of his days that he did not take me to the institute. When we saw each other, he always said: “There is a sin for me, but you took revenge“, – said Kirkorov.

The actor of the film “Love in the Big City” fondly recalls Joseph Davydovich. Philip lacks communication with him. The performer of the hit “Romans” emphasized Kobzon’s strong will and talent.

He always called me “Filya”. Now everyone is already addressing by name and patronymic. And he is Phil. Nobody calls me that anymore. I still remember even the intonation with which my name was pronounced. He was a genius. Just remember how he went to the terrorists who took the audience hostage. This is heroism – to go towards death!“- added Kirkorov in an interview with Prozvezd.

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