Nov 8, 2022
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Philip Kirkorov in his shorts took the stage


Singer Philip Kirkorov continues to shock the audience with his antics.

The artist continues to scandalize the audience with his behavior. The hype around the aggressive behavior of the pop king, who rudely insulted his colleague Nargiz Zakirova, has not subsided yet, as he distinguished himself with a new impromptu concert in Kazakhstan.

The 55-year-old singer took the stage in a negligee in one of the numbers, shocking the audience. The artist dressed in black shorts and nylon translucent leggings, which did not hide anything, but only emphasized the fact that Kirkorov flaunts in underwear.

The artist, with feigned modesty, at first tried to cover his intimate place with his hands, but then he went rogue and decided to demonstrate his outfit to the spectators at close range, walking around the hall under the astonished glances of the public.

Philip Kirkorov in shorts
Philip Kirkorov in shorts

Loyal fans of the king of pop must have been delighted with the look of the idol in his shorts, but on the Web, the singer’s behavior caused only bewilderment and ridicule. Some even compared Kirkorov’s outfit with the costume in which Lolita Milyavskaya performed at one of the concerts, noting that Philip’s figure is clearly more advantageous for such an image.

Recall that earlier Kirkorov was at the center of a scandal because of harsh words addressed to a colleague in the shop. The singer’s statement was condemned by many, but Victoria Bonya was most indignant. As a result, the artist attacked the star of “House-2” with insults, saying that she was trying to remind herself by intervening in the conflict of pop stars. By the way, Bonya refused to fight Kirkorov. She explained that she really did not fully understand the situation.

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