Apr 18, 2021
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Philip Kirkorov did not recognize his father in the costume of the Sultan in the show “The Mask”

23:31, 04/18/2021

The parent of the King of Pop was one of the invited guests of the first semi-final of the 2nd season.

Today the first semi-final of the second season of the music show went on the air of the NTV channel “Mask”… In a special episode of the program, two new heroes were invited, whose identities were revealed immediately after one performance. The host introduced the audience and judges to the guests of the show – Sultan and Elephant. The first to declassify was the performer dressed as a monarch from the Disney cartoon “Aladdin”. The removal of the mask from the Sultan caused especially strong emotions in the chairman of the star jury Philip Kirkorov – after all, his father Bedros Filippovich was hiding in a suit.

It is noteworthy that Kirkorov Jr. did not recognize his parent in Sultan. But the grandchildren of Bedros Filippovich turned out to be more shrewd than their star father. Alla Victoria and Martin stated that they recognized the grandfather even before he sang the song. Note that both the father of Philip Bedrosovich and his children are big fans of “The Mask”. The family of the pop king is present in the hall on the set of each episode of the program and cheers for their favorites.

Bedros Kirkorov in the show “Mask”

So, after declassifying the identity of the Unicorn, in whose costume it turned out Irina DubtsovaKirkorov Jr. admitted that the departure of his daughter’s beloved hero from the show greatly upset the baby. According to the star, Alla-Victoria even cried when the fabulous horse left the program. After the episode aired, Philip Bedrosovich thanked Dubtsova for the creativity and talent of the singer. “In our hearts, as the brightest hero of the Musk show! You are # an illusion of Alla-Victoria and broke her heart with 1000 candles, ”Kirkorov wrote.

By the way, Unicorn became the first artist on the project, whose personality Philip Bedrosovich guessed in the second season. However, all members of the jury unanimously voted for the fact that the performer of the hits “About him” and “To whom? What for?”. In previous issues, the king of pop could not even guess his close friends. So, the singer was sure that the figure skater was hiding in the Pink Panther costume. Tatiana Navka, however, after the climax of the release, it was revealed that under the mask wasOlga Buzova, with whom Philip Bedrosovich has close friendly relations.

Philip Kirkorov’s reaction to the declassification of the Sultan’s identity

We add that after Buzova left the “Mask”, Kirkorov touchingly supported his friend. Artist dedicated the publication to the singer on his microblog on Instagram, calling the star a responsive, graceful and witty person. Moreover, Philip Bedrosovich arranged a real romantic dinner for Olga… Buzova shared a series of pictures and videos from the pop king’s mansion, in which she hugs and kisses the artist in a friendly manner.

It is worth noting that the name of Olga Buzova still sounded among the versions of the jury regarding the personalities of the participants in the music show – however, then it was about an animal of a different color. Star judges suspected that the singer may be hiding under the guise of a Black Panther. However, Kirkorov quickly dismissed this assumption. The artist noted that Buzova is now going through a difficult period in his personal life, so he is unlikely to agree to participate in such a large-scale project. According to Philip Bedrosovich, Olga still cannot forget her ex-lover, blogger David Manukyan, with whom the TV personality broke up in January of this year.

Olga Buzova in the show “Mask”

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