Nov 6, 2022
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Philip Kirkorov broke off the chain and swears


Singer Philip Kirkorov has not been getting out of scandals lately.

The artist has recently been increasingly appearing in the chronicle of star scandals. The singer, without a twinge of conscience, expresses everything he thinks about his colleagues, journalists and fans. And often he is not at all shy in expressions and uses swear words. The other day, the ex-husband of Alla Pugacheva rudely sent a journalist, then insulted the singer Nargiz Zakirova, then threatened TV presenter Victoria Bonet.

However, it turned out that Philip Bedrosovich was famous for such behavior before. Alexander Kuzmin spoke about this.

Philip Kirkorov - photo from the archive -
Philip Kirkorov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The last time it was at the New Wave festival. During the rehearsal, he shouted obscenities at the entire concert hall, because he did not like something. It was very ugly, because there were children in the hall. I also saw Philip at one party. There he also clung to everyone, rude. This behavior is characteristic of him.”, — shared the brother of Vladimir Kuzmin.

The musician added that many people, becoming celebrities, behave like Kirkorov. Show business turns them into inadequate people. He complained that, in general, the standard of living in the country has fallen, people have become more irritable. Philip Bedrosovich, apparently, was also greatly influenced by the precarious financial situation.

People have now become a little nervous, and sometimes even angry. Recently, my wife and concert director Natalia Kuzmina and I were in the store. So there people sent each other for a piece of sausage! Roughly the same thing happens between artists.“, – concluded Kuzmin.

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