Jun 1, 2022
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Philip Kirkorov believes that he was ganged up on because of the protection of Galkin and Pugacheva


55-year-old singer Philip Kirkorov does not understand why he was disliked.

The artist was at the center of a new scandal. The singer’s concert is in jeopardy due to complaints from believers.

The performer of the hit “Ibiza” successfully performed in St. Petersburg and Moscow. He began to gather for a tour of Russia, but difficulties arose. The general director of the North Caucasian State Philharmonic Svetlana Berezhnaya said that Philip’s show was cancelled. The organizers made this decision after complaints from residents of Mineralnye Vody. The Russian Ministry of Culture approved the cancellation.

Berezhnaya referred to “the opinion of the Russian Orthodox Church on the issue of holding a concert by F. Kirkorov”, mentioned “repeated calls and a stream of requests from the townspeople.” The journalists turned to the Ministry of Culture with a question about the nature of these “recommendations” mentioned in the letter of the general director of the Philharmonic. However, the department said that they had nothing against the performance of the People’s Artist of Russia.

The Ministry of Culture did not send any bans on holding Philip Kirkorov’s concert to the North Caucasian Philharmonic“, – reports “MK”.

Philip Kirkorov - photo from the archive -

Philip Kirkorov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

At the same time, it turned out that after the artist’s anniversary concert in Moscow, the ministry received more than a hundred appeals from citizens who considered the well-known episode of the concert an insult to their moral and religious feelings. The bone of contention was the number on the hit “Mary Magdalena”. Philip performed the track on the scenery, made in the form of a large cross. The singer was accused of blasphemy.

Philip explained that he originally dedicated the song to his mother, Victoria Kirkorova. The woman died of cancer in 1994 on her son’s birthday. “Therefore, this song was important to include in the program, it is important for me and for my family, my father and my children“, – the artist assured and explained that he did not put any malicious intent into the number.

And although the Ministry of Culture did not ban the singer’s concert, the department “recommended the North Caucasian Philharmonic to pay attention to the artistic and stage content of the program during this event.” The leadership of the Philharmonic took this very seriously.

Especially when it comes to a cultural institution, which is one of the most iconic and publicly loved concert venues in the North Caucasus Federal District, if you like, a “place of power”. Obviously, in this situation, colleagues at the Philharmonic made the decision to cancel the concert“, – specified in the ministry and pointed to the “moral standards” for public sites.

Philip was upset by the cancellation of the show. He suspected that the reason was not the number for the song at all, but his position in relation to Alla Pugacheva. Kirkorov came to the defense of his ex-wife and her husband Maxim Galkin after the insults of Margarita Simonyan. “Before my speech in defense of Alla and Maxim, this cross did not bother anyone“, – said the artist.

He cited the example of the singer Madonna, who also used similar allegories. “She was excommunicated from the Catholic Church for the same cross. Now they are calling back, but she herself doesn’t want to, ”Philip said. He is not going to give up personal views, visions of good and evil, artistic techniques, as he carries “only a message of love, peace and goodness to his beloved viewer.”

And enthusiastic ovations and full houses at my concerts only convince me that most of my viewers are not offended at all, but on the contrary, they are on the same wavelength with me, and we give each other only happiness, joy and positive, that is, something that always and was the essence and main motive of my workPhilippe added.

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