Feb 16, 2021
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Philip Kirkorov became one of the hundreds of members of the jury of the 3rd season of “Come on together!”

07:11, 02/16/2021

The show starts on the Russia 1 TV channel on February 28.

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On February 28 at 17:45 on the TV channel “Russia 1” the third season of the grandiose vocal show “Come on, all together!” Starts, in which talented performers are immediately evaluated by a hundred members of the jury. In each episode, eight participants from different countries perform Russian and world greatest hits. At the same time, there are no restrictions on musical styles and arrangements, but the vocalists are faced with a difficult task, because they need to sing so that the entire hundred sings along.

The more votes of the star jury join the soloist in the show “Come on together!”, The more points he will receive. The winner will receive not only 1 million rubles, but also his own original single, which will be played on the air of Novoye Radio. It is known that the stars of the 90s Katya Lel and Shura, participants in music competitions of different years Arseny Borodin, Mikhail Grebenshchikov, Nikita Malinin, composer Grigory Gladkov, TikTok stars and artists of the past seasons of the TV project will continue to evaluate the vocal abilities and charisma of the participants in the third season.

Sergey Lazarev heads the Hundred Members of the Jury of the 3rd Season of “Come Together!”

The Jury Hundred will be headed by Sergey Lazarev, for whom the work on “Well, all together!” takes place for the third time. The singer admitted that his social networks had already been inundated with questions about the show. The performer himself considers the project to be very sincere and difficult, because it is almost impossible to unite a hundred people and make them vote for one contestant, since a hundred represents different age groups, and everyone has different interests and musical tastes.

According to the permanent host of the vocal competition Nikolai Baskov, in the new season of the competition, very strong soloists will fight for the vocation, but the jury will also be strict. For the first time, Philip Kirkorov will appear on the wall of the show. He and his colleagues Ani Lorak and Valeria will evaluate the artists’ data and, possibly, sing along.

Nikolay Baskov, Sergey Lazarev, Philip Kirkorov and other members of the Hundreds of the 3rd season “Well, how’s everything together!”

Philip Bedrosovich has not yet commented on his participation in “Come on together!” The king of pop does not sit idle and acts as a judge in many projects of the new television season. So, last Sunday on NTV started the second season of the costume show “Mask”, in which, as in the previous time, Philip Bedrosovich acted as the chairman of the star jury. The 53-year-old artist even changed his appearance on the eve of the start of a high-profile project. Now the singer does not paint over his gray hair, believing that at his age you need to look solid. “Gray in the head, devil in the rib. I decided to present myself as natural here at the “Mask”. I decided that it was already here. Nature takes its toll since the age of 16. Once at 18 I painted up with a spray. And now we need to grow up solidly, to match the image, ”admitted Kirkorov.

Valeria and Philip Kirkorov with one of the masks of the 2nd season – Banana

We add that another member of the jury of the first season of “The Mask” Valeria also continued to work on the TV project. She took her place next to the king of pop and aptly distinguished the vocal features of a particular mask, making assumptions about who is hiding in the image of the new heroes. So, let us remind you that Rhino, Penguin, Banana, Sun, Black and Pink Panthers, Unicorn, Pineapple, Hare, Snake, Llama, Crocodile, White Eagle and Tumbler entered the stage of the show this season. The big secret until the start of the second season of “The Mask” was the name of the fifth judge. It turned out to be Alexander Revva, whose identity was cleverly declassified by Philip Kirkorov.

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