Oct 24, 2021
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Philip Kirkorov assigned security to children


Singer Philip Kirkorov brings up children according to the scheme of Alla Pugacheva.

It’s no secret that show business stars often resort to the services of bodyguards. Philip Kirkorov became one of the first in Russian show business who hired bodyguards. Recently, the king of pop was reproached for letting his daughter go to a public place alone. Kirkorov told why he was so careless about this.

Several years ago, Kirkorov was almost taken apart by an excited crowd of fans for souvenirs. Kirkorov assures that this is not an isolated case, this often happens at his concerts. Therefore, his personal assistants are always there. “Seryozha Baranov (security guard) is already a member of the family. He’s with me for 25 years“, – shares in the program” You will not believe! ” on the NTV channel Philip Bedrosovich.

Philip Kirkorov with children
Philip Kirkorov with children

Kirkorov is also calm about his children. Recently, his ten-year-old daughter Alla-Victoria was published unaccompanied, only in the company of her friends. The star father was immediately reproached, they say, how could he let the girl go alone? The pop king assures that the guards were there, but they were so professional that no one noticed them. “She is not alone, next to her are the fighters of the invisible front, who receive serious money for their work. This is Alla Borisovna’s school. I saw how she raised Christina“, – admitted Kirkorov.

By the way, the children of Philip Kirkorov follow in the footsteps of their father: they are real stars of social networks. The daughter of the king of pop Alla Victoria has more than 200 thousand followers on Instagram, and his son Martin has 180 thousand. Despite their young age, the guys often attend social events with their father.

For the sake of children, a caring father sometimes even cancels concerts and tours. True, he assures, the life of his children only seems so idle. It may seem that Alla-Victoria and Martin have absolutely everything, but at the same time, the demand from them is greater – the surname obliges. Kirkorov said that he takes a responsible approach to the upbringing of his heirs.

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