Oct 28, 2021
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Philip Kirkorov and other stars set up Muz-TV


Due to the antics of the singer Philip Kirkorov and other stars, a case was opened on the channel about the promotion of homosexuality among minors.

In July, the Muz-TV channel award ceremony took place. She made a lot of noise. Many were outraged by the star guests who came to the event in women’s outfits. Video blogger Igor Sinyak put on a black mini-dress with a long train. Tiktoker Danya Milokhin appeared in a double suit – on one side there was a jacket and trousers, on the other – a pink dress. Both also had makeup done.

Philip Kirkorov and Dava also distinguished themselves. The performers of the hit “Rolex” arrived in a white convertible, surrounded by half-naked men. The artists appeared on the red carpet in the images of newlyweds and with a red rose. They were provocative, hugging and blowing kisses.

In addition to everything, the concert was broadcast during the day and was not marked with an “18+” sign. This situation was not ignored by Roskomnadzor. The Federal Service said it will check the event for LGBT propaganda. Today it became known that Roskomnadzor has filed a lawsuit against Muz-TV for promoting non-traditional sexual relations among minors.

Philip Kirkorov
Philip Kirkorov

A hearing on the case is scheduled in the Basmanny Court of Moscow for November 17. The TV channel faces a 90-day suspension of broadcasting and a fine of up to a million, according to the telegram channel Mash.

Arman Davletyarov, former director general of Muz-TV, commented on the scandalous ceremony. Much of what happened at the award shocked him. The media manager was glad he had nothing to do with this. “It was not a red carpet, it was some kind of gay parade, which is simply not permissible at such ceremonies!” – Davletyarov was indignant.

Arman noted that this was not the case under his leadership. The ex-CEO of the channel was also surprised that of all the guests of the event, he knew only 20-30% of them.

Max Fadeev was also shocked by what he saw. The composer said that he was shocked by the antics of representatives of the Russian show business. “There used to be a freak among the musicians. Today there is only one musician among the freaks! ” – said the producer.

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