Apr 8, 2021
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Philip Kirkorov and Olga Buzova posed together at the premiere of the cartoon “100% Wolf”

09:23, 08.04.2021

Earlier, the media disseminated information that the TV presenter was offended by the king of pop because he published a video on his microblog on Instagram with a verbal skirmish between her and Sobchak.

Last Tuesday in the capital’s cinema center “October” the premiere of the animated film “100% Wolf” took place, the main characters in which were voiced by Olga Buzova, Alexander Gudkov and Klava Koka. Among those who watched the cartoon first was Philip Kirkorov. The pop king of the national stage appeared on the carpet in the company of his children – Alla-Victoria and Martin. The 88-year-old father of the star came to see the adventures of the heroes of the drawn comedy Bedros Kirkorov

The attention of the cameras was also riveted on Olga Buzova, who posed with the family of Philip Bedrosovich. She was one of the first to appreciate the photos and video that the 53-year-old singer posted on his Instagram microblog right after the event. “Every dog ​​is a wolf at heart! Do you agree? Yesterday the whole family attended the premiere of the cartoon “100% WOLF”, which was voiced by @ buzova86 @gudokgudok @klavacoca. Recommend. It will appeal to both adults and children. Informative with humor about life, about relationships, about friendship, about the meaning of life and the purpose of everyone in this world, “Kirkorov wrote. (The spelling and punctuation of the authors are hereinafter given unchanged. Noteed.). To which the 35-year-old TV presenter replied: “A chic evening in a chic company.”

Philip Kirkorov with children and Olga Buzova at the premiere of the cartoon “100% Wolf”

Note that on the eve of the premiere of “100% Wolf” speculation appeared that Olga Buzova and Philip Kirkorov had an argument. The media noticed that the singer ceased to be a subscriber of the artist immediately after the conflict situation that arose at the awards “ZHARA Music Awards”… Let us remind you that the musical event took place last Sunday. Ksenia Sobchak and Philip Bedrosovich announced the winners from the stage of the Crocus City Hall. Olga Buzova also came to the award. At some point, the presenters went down to the stalls, where the TV personality was sitting, and Ksenia, with her usual humor, asked the star with whom she liked to hug more, with Philip or Dava (David Manukyan – Noteed.). Olga’s reaction was sharp, she called the journalist a rat, and after some time she left the hall in a hurry. A video of the skirmish also appeared on Kirkorov’s Instagram microblog. Other fragments of the incident were posted on fan accounts.

Ksenia Sobchak asked Olga Buzova about David Manukyan

We add that Kirkorov and Buzova have been friends for a long time. However, after the parting of that in January this year with her beloved David Manukyan, rumors appeared about her possible romance with the pop king, who provides very warm support to the singer. The stars regularly publish photos with each other, and in one of the episodes of the “Mask” show, when everyone found out that Olga was hiding under the guise of the Pink Panther, she and the artist exchanged rather piquant phrases. Buzova, reproached Kirkorov for not even suspecting that his girlfriend was breaking loose in the costume of a glamorous predator. “We’ll talk at home, Philip! As you me, your muse, your girl, your princess … How many tips I gave you! How much did I tell you to spank me? ” – Olga turned to the chairman of the jury.

Philip Kirkorov and Olga Buzova in the show “Mask”

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