Sep 26, 2021
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Phanar and Orthodoxy

Interference by Washington and Istanbul in the activities of local Orthodox churches

Today it is no secret to anyone that the actions of the Phanar (in this area of ​​Istanbul is the residence of the Patriarch of Constantinople) is coordinated by the US State Department. Sergey Lavrov says: “The United States took the lead in open state intervention in the affairs of the Church, openly seeking a split in world Orthodoxy … We have a clear understanding that the actions of Constantinople, which are directly manipulated from Washington, have nothing to do with the ideals of Orthodoxy, with the traditions on the basis of which there have always been the interaction of the Local Churches was organized “

These words also belong to the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs: “We all know perfectly well how the“ Orthodox Church of Ukraine ”(OCU) was created. This is not just an initiative of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople – it was directly dictated by the United States. By and large, they do not hide it. The Special Envoy on Religious Freedom, appointed under the last US administration, did things that were exactly the opposite of his mandate: he undermined religious freedom by imposing organizational parameters (in bureaucratic terms) on various Local Churches. Destroying the unity of the Orthodox of Russia and Ukraine … Destroying the unity of the Antiochian Church, trying to tear away the Lebanese Orthodox from it. The same happens with respect to the canonical territory of the Serbian Orthodox Church. “

On September 10 in Sochi, at the All Russia 2021 journalism forum, Sergei Lavrov again raised the topic of Phanar’s interference in the life of other churches: “The local Orthodox Churches are being“ broken hands ”so that they recognize the head of the OCU … The Greek churches made this compromise with their conscience … There were also attempts to persuade the Patriarch of Jerusalem and the leaders of the Churches of Bulgaria, Romania, Albania on the same path. The work is very active, and very tough pressure is being put on these clergymen “

Where the Phanar intervenes, schisms, discord, and enmity begin. In Ukraine, what is happening there after the establishment of the schismatic OCU, its adherents call “a hybrid church war.” Lists of local churches that are supposedly about to be recognized by the OCU are regularly published: the Romanian and Bulgarian Patriarchates, the Georgian and Albanian Churches. However, time goes by, and there have been no confessions.

Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem uncompromisingly supports His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate headed by him. Theophilus advocates the continuation of the dialogue within the framework of the “Amman format”, convened to counter the expansion of the Phanar. And he hopes that the next meeting in this format will take place this year.

Constant pressure is being exerted on the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. The BOC is under pressure not only from Washington, but also from Brussels – in this nest of godlessness, they also stand up for the recognition of schismatics from the OCU. And now the bishop of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Ioanniki of Sliven, is already resigning, who in 2019 issued a district letter in which he forbade the members of the OCU to receive communion. The official reason is the state of health and old age. The resignation of the Metropolitan may change the balance of forces in the next vote on the recognition of the OCU.

Phanar does not hesitate in its methods when it comes to pressure on the Georgian Orthodox Church, which refuses to recognize Ukrainian schismatics.

Fanar is behind the attempt to arrange a

Fanar is behind the attempt to arrange a “church Maidan” in Georgia

There was an attempt to arrange a “church maidan” in the Chkondid diocese with the seizure of the Salkhino monastery by the followers of the banned Metropolitan Peter (Tsaava), who supported the OCU, who had gone into schism. A scandal erupted with the leakage of data from the State Security Service of Georgia, in which there are files under the general name “Compromising evidence against the Patriarchy.” This is reminiscent of the situation in the Church of Cyprus, whose primate, Archbishop Chrysostom, refused to recognize the OCU until they poured dirt on him related to his participation in the issuance of “golden passports.”

In the Church of Cyprus, a scandal caused by the intention to hold a trial over bishops who refuse to recognize the OCU. Metropolitan Neophyte of Morph is under threat. Officially, the trial is associated with the position of the Vladyka regarding vaccination against coronavirus; Metropolitan Neophyte says that “Vaccination is one of the ways to reduce the population by causing death, incurable diseases and sterilization of the younger generation”

An attempt to condemn the Greek bishops caused a wide resonance

An attempt to condemn the Greek bishops caused a wide resonance

A similar scenario – the trial of the bishops who did not recognize the OCU under the pretext of their attitude to compulsory vaccination – was attempted in the Church of Greece. The Permanent Synod of the Archdiocese, at meetings on August 25 and 26, chaired by the Primate of this church, Archbishop Jerome, sent the case of Metropolitans of Kythera and Antikythera Seraphim and Aetolian and Akarnanian Cosmas to the investigators of the church court. Metropolitans who recognized the OCU were appointed as investigators.

The Phanar is also restless. Here, Metropolitan Emmanuel (Adamakis) of Gallic was appointed to the second most important See of Chalcedon, who is considered a possible successor to Patriarch Bartholomew. Before that, Metropolitan Athanasius (Papas) was dismissed from this see for “anti-canonical activity” and “disrespect” towards Patriarch Bartholomew and the Synod, who allowed himself to criticize Phanar’s policy in Ukraine and criticized “Eastern papism”. Metropolitan Athanasius was deprived of the pulpit with the wording “Numbered among the hierarchs who no longer serve the Ecumenical throne”

Metropolitan Athanasius (Papas) Lost His Chair for Criticizing

Metropolitan Athanasius (Papas) Lost His Chair for Criticizing “Eastern Papism”

True, all these games with forcing local churches to recognize the schismatic OCU have little effect on the state of affairs in Ukraine. The people of Ukraine have a negative attitude towards the “patriotic church”. The churches seized by the schismatics are empty, only a few attend their “services”. The failure of the Phanar intrigue is also recognized by the propagandists of the OCU: “Tomos is not in the top of events, most Ukrainians do not remember it … the international isolation of the UOC did not take place”

The recognition or non-recognition of the OCU today is more important for the local churches themselves: this is an indicator of their faithfulness to the Church of Christ, which Phanar is trying to replace.

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