Oct 24, 2021
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Pfizer Former VP Reveals Secrets

Dr. Michael Yeedon says that people have lost the instinct for self-preservation and understanding of what is happening

German doctor’s name Michael Yeadonliving in the UK, is mentioned in many publications on the topic of the “COVID-19 pandemic”. Including in my article “Who is the most dangerous for the organizers of the Great Pandemic.” This is a former Chief Scientist and Vice President of Research. Pfizer in England. John La Mattina, ex-president Pfizer Global R&Dwho knew Yidon well, gives him the following characteristics: “His group was very successful and created a number of compounds that went into early clinical development.”

Since last spring, Michael Yeedon has become a critic of the actions that are being taken in many countries in connection with the so-called pandemic. Since Yidon was in the camp for a long time BigPharma, he knows some secrets that even qualified doctors may not know. In the summer, an hour-long video of Michael Yeedon’s talk-lecture appeared on the Internet, entitled Wir stehen an den Pforten der Hölle. Ex-Vizepräsident von Pfizer packt aus. (We are at the gates of hell. Former VP of Pfizer reveals secrets). In his findings, Michael Yeedon goes far beyond medicine.

The views of the nature of the coronavirus, formed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the medical departments of the overwhelming number of countries, according to Yidon, are distorted, and often erroneous. However, the doctor believes that it is difficult to call it mistakes, it is more like a lie, reinforced by the media. The opinion is imposed that natural human immunity is not enough to overcome a viral infection, that immunity must be strengthened with the help of vaccines that generate antibodies in the human body. This is a gold mine for Big Pharma.

Michael Yeedon bluntly calls the entire COVID-19 pandemic campaign a conspiracy against humanity. The doctor draws attention to the political side of the issue: the authorities of the overwhelming number of countries have found themselves under the control of the global elite and meekly execute all commands transmitted through the WHO.

As a medical professional, Yidon draws attention to the lies about the so-called strains. Strains are modifications of the coronavirus resulting from its mutations. They are labeled with the letters “alpha”, “beta”, “gamma”, “delta”. Experts say that their number is measured in several thousand (Yidon calls the figure 4 thousand). Many modifications are still “sleeping”, not showing themselves in any way. Active vaccination of the population can lead to the awakening of these “dormant” species. Vaccination can increase specific immunity (which is expressed in the growth of antibodies), but lower overall (natural) immunity. Having launched mass vaccination, the WHO and the authorities of many countries are entering an unequal fight against the invisible world of viruses, but someone believes that it is possible to fight off new strains with new (booster) vaccinations. For Big Pharma these are orders for the development and production of new vaccine products.

Michael Yeedon calls such plans complete insanity. Supporters of additional vaccinations argue that the new drugs will be so similar to previous vaccines that emergency approvals from pharmaceutical regulators will not be required: “And here’s what’s really scary: global drug regulatory bodies such as the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), Japan Medicines Agency, European Medicines Agency, came together and announced: since the vaccines used as additional, will be considered so similar to those we have already approved for an emergency use authorization, we will not require pharmaceutical companies to conduct any clinical safety studies. “

Michael Yeedon says that according to the plan Big Pharma and the organizers of the “pandemic” behind it, there will be many subsequent “pandemics”. Each next one will be associated with the emergence of a new strain. As virologist Michael Yidon argues that the differences between the strains are minimal and not fundamental: “The most different variation is only 0.3% different from the original sequence (the one that was recorded in the virus from Wuhan in January 2020. – VC.)… And here’s another way to say the same: “all options are at least 99.7% identical to each other” “

Michael Yeedon is one of the world’s leading virus specialists, but he can be wrong too. He says his position is not original in assessing coronavirus strains: “I discussed this with several professors of immunology and they agreed with me.”… He refers to such American medical virologists as Alison Tark and Shane Crotty… These specialists (and a number of other physicians) published an article in a reputable medical journal Insignificant effect of SARS-CoV-2 variants on CD4 + and CD8 + T-lymphocyte reactivity in donors and vaccinated with COVID-19 (Minor effect of SARS-CoV-2 variants on CD4 + and CD8 + T lymphocyte reactivity in donors and vaccinated with COVID-19). The position of Michael Yeedon completely coincides with the position of the authors of this article.

Yidong sharpens the question and says that even if the new strains had a genetic sequence that differs from the original Wuhan virus by 3 or even 30 percent, human natural immunity may well cope with these new modifications: “So I’m saying that even if there were 100 times more variations than there actually were, I would still bet that the human immune system would not be fooled by the fact that these are supposedly new pathogens.”

The false “theory of strains” is needed to justify new “pandemics”, new lockdowns, new drugs and new vaccinations. Michael Yeedon states: “And they are talking about the same future scenario:” We don’t want you to move around because of these annoying critters, these options, strains “… Don’t worry, there will be” additional “vaccines to deal with potential immunity evasion.” … They all say that, although this is sheer nonsense. “

So that no one can evade receiving another “additional” injection, all countries are recommended through the WHO to introduce “vaccine passports”. Since October 15, such passports have already become mandatory in Italy. Speaking of “vaccine passports,” Michael Yeedon again goes beyond the medical field. He believes that over time they will turn into a means of comprehensive (not only medical) control over a person. In particular, a person’s access to funds in a bank account will depend not only on his fulfillment of all vaccination requirements, but also on his behavior, loyalty to the authorities, etc. All this will be recorded in a “passport” and a centralized database. Dr. Yidon has a special video on the topic of “vaccination passports” Vaccine passports: one passport for all (Vaccination passports: one passport to manage all).

Yidong paints a dystopia that threatens to become reality: “We have a cure, here is a complementary vaccine, and you will receive a message based on this one global, one identification system. “Tink!” It will appear and say, “Dr. , unfortunately, you will become an “outsider”, and you don’t want that, do you? ” This is how it will work, and people will just walk up and inject their extra vaccine. “

Now let’s compare what Michael Yeedon says with what is happening in the world. All leading corporations Big Pharma joined in the “development” and establishment of production of “additional” drugs, which are already injected somewhere under the guise of “booster” vaccines. “New product” arrives at vaccination sites without any pharmaceutical regulatory approvals, straight from the wheels. A striking example is Israel.

Here is a warning issued by Michael Yeedon in mid-2021 (before booster vaccinations began in Israel): “So they lie about the strains, and since [штаммы] are not really different, you don’t need an “extra” vaccine. You should now get goosebumps because they are making them right now! … They make billions of bottles that will be available by the end of the year. “

Yidon considers this pseudo-medical demagoguery to be a new eugenics: “Eugenics have taken over the levers of power, and this is a really clever way of getting you to queue up and get some weird thing that will harm you. I have no idea what it will actually be, but it will not be a vaccine…. And it will not kill you instantly, it will happen imperceptibly. “

The worst thing, says Yidon, is that people have lost the instinct for self-preservation and understanding of what is happening: “It became absolutely clear to me that even when I talk with smart people, friends, acquaintances … and they can confirm that I am telling them something important, but when I get to the point“ your government is lying to you in such a way that it can lead to your death and the death of your children, “they can’t handle it. And I think maybe 10% of them understand what I said, and 90% of them don’t understand it because it’s too difficult. And I am worried that we will lose because people will not be able to accept that someone can be so angry … “ People have lost understanding and a sense of evil that can kill, because they forgot the lessons of previous world tragedies.

Today, says Yidon, people don’t need scientific arguments, but something else: “… We need philosophers, people who understand logic, religion, something like that… they have to start speaking in a language that people will understand. Because if we leave this to scientists, then people like me, even in spite of my good intentions, will turn out to be speaking a different language for most people … “


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