Jun 22, 2021
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Petrovax President Mikhail Tsyferov took an active part in SPIEF-2021

The head of the company was a speaker in two sessions of the forum, dedicated tois anon the general topic of drug safety: Immunization as an investment attraction: how the pandemic will change the overall vaccine development market, as well as Socially-oriented business: the pharmaceutical industry for the benefit of patients

As Mikhail Tsyferov noted during the discussion, vaccine prevention is, probably the most underestimated health care industry, a boon that society has long been accustomed to and ceased to appreciate properly… “But withnow the situation is changing, we see a lot of public attention to the coronavirus. Of course, sooner or later the virus will pass, but investments, production capacities and competencies will remain, therefore, it is important to preserve and develop the immunobiological industry, ”the head of the company emphasized

Mikhail Tsyferov also spoke about cooperation with Chinese partners in the development and production of vaccines. “POur partnership with CanSino enhances our ability not only to meet the demand for coronavirus vaccine, but also to generate additional investment and knowledge. ”

Petrovax is the first to launch a Phase III clinical trial of the Convidetsia vaccine among countriesparticipants of the international study and ensured its conduct at the highest level with the participation of 6,000 volunteers.

“As part of the agreement, we get the opportunity to enter certain markets, where already do businessI hope this project mWe have been useful to the immunobiological industry, bringing new competencies and investments in Russian medical science, again demonstrating its quality in the international arena. The project is developing according to plans, and we are waiting for the startbut first export deliveries ”.

During the session dedicated to socially oriented business, Mikhail Tsyferov noted: “The more ethical the company, the more stable its business… We ensure the high quality of our drugs and their availability to patients. We will not deviate from this path

We are proud of our pricing policy, as we have a reputation for Is the most important asset, essential for sustainable development in long term. In Russia, we have localized and produced in cooperation with Pfizer the vaccine Prevenar 13– one of the most expensive regularly applied vaccines around the world in national calendars. At the same time, the cost of a vaccine on the Russian market is the lowest in comparison with other countries ”

The participation of the head of the company in the business program of the event was a logical continuation of the signing of the Declaration on policy in the field of development, production, quality control and monitoring of drug safety between member companies Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of the Eurasian Economic Union(AFPEAES), including Petrovax Pharm.

“Declaration – the next step in inestablishing an open dialogue with the medical and patient communities. We are the trailuem strict principles of quality control and safety of manufactured products… FROMthe health of our patients is our main guideline in our work, ”the head of Petrovax emphasized.

About Petrovax

Petrovax is a Russian full cycle biopharmaceutical company. The company has a successful, more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market, one of the TOP-5 immunobiological manufacturers in Russia. Petrovax’s product portfolio includes its own original drugs and vaccines, localized drugs, as well as generic drugs and dietary supplements. The company’s production operates in full compliance with Russian and international GMP and ISO: 9001 standards. A modern pharmaceutical production complex located in the Moscow region is one of the most high-tech biopharmaceutical enterprises in Russia. The plant’s capacities allow the annual production of 160 million doses of drugs – from the synthesis of substances to finished drugs. Petrovax employs over 800 highly qualified specialists. The company is part of the Interros Group. The company exports drugs to 12 countries, including the countries of the EAEU, the Middle East and the EU. More detailed information on the website

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