Sep 17, 2022
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Petersburgers criticized the training for medical staff organized by Smolny

Petersburgers criticized the training for medical staff organized by Smolny

The first training for medical personnel on business etiquette and conflict management was held at the employees of the city polyclinic No. 40 in St. Petersburg. The event was organized by the Smolny Health Committee. It is aimed at preventing conflict situations within teams and in communication with patients.

On the Komzdrav page on the social network, Petersburgers noted the extremely low level of culture of medical workers when communicating with patients. Many of the doctors behave literally “like zombies”, speaking phrases memorized during the training, users write.

“Some middle-aged doctors are frightening – they are like zombies, and it is noticeable that this is not their personal, but inflated at some kind of training. Such doctors need to be treated, ”the comments in the official Komzdrav group on the VKontakte social network noted.

According to media reports, St. Petersburg residents experienced particular difficulty in communicating with medical staff during the coronavirus pandemic. Patients were “kicked off” in the registry, they refused to call a doctor at home. Due to the poor organization of the process, huge queues lined up in polyclinics, in which there were both sick and healthy people.

Apparently, not wanting to listen to criticism addressed to them, officials of the administration of Governor Alexander Beglov later closed the possibility of comments on their social network.

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