Sep 3, 2021
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Peter Tolstoy: "I am proud that we live in Russia – a country where they do not negotiate with terrorists"

Deputy Speaker of the State Duma, candidate for deputy of the eighth convocation Pyotr Tolstoy made a statement on the Day of Solidarity in the Fight against Terrorism.

Today is a difficult, difficult day, Tolstoy noted, adding that he worked as a journalist for a long time, and September 3 is forever associated in memory with the tragedy in Beslan. Both Tolstoy himself and those living in our country will forever remember what happened:

I am very proud that we live in Russia, a country where they do not negotiate with terrorists, and are fighting global terrorism, ” Tolstoy stressed. – I am sure that people who encroach on the life of innocent children, civilians, will be destroyed, no matter what.

Today, when mourning events are held in Russian cities in memory of those killed in Beslan, I would like to say a few words about the mothers who lost their children in those terrible days:

The pain stays with them forever. We must do everything to ensure that such tragedies never happen again. I am sure that we will succeed. Blessed memory to all who died these days, – said Tolstoy.

Photo courtesy of the press service of Peter Tolstoy.

Let us add that Constantinople wrote a little earlier about the mourning events that took place in Moscow today.

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