Jan 14, 2022
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Peter Krasilov incredibly fat


Actor Peter Krasilov is not shy about his new role.

Many viewers remember the actor as a fit man, but lately he has changed a lot. Peter Krasilov decently put on weight, but it seems that he is not going to worry about this.

Recently, Pyotr Krasilov has not been seen in the cinema, but the artist is in great demand in the theater. The actor suggests that the directors do not want to approve him for roles in their films due to changes in appearance.

Either I don’t have time, or they don’t want to shoot me … It’s just that once upon a time, five years ago, I was one, now I’m different. I have different dimensions, different shapes. And they remember me as a slender boy. I am not afraid of the transition from one role to another, for me, as an actor, it is more interesting. But there are stereotypes, and they love me the way I was in the series “Poor Nastya” or “Don’t be born beautiful”, – the 44-year-old Krasilov reasoned in the program “My Hero” with Tatyana Ustinova on TVC.

Netizens are already discussing the appearance of the actor with might and main. Some of them advise Krasilov to take care of himself.

Plump Petr Krasilov
Plump Petr Krasilov

God, Petya! What a handsome man he was! “And he got fat! That’s why they don’t make films. It is impossible for an artist to dissolve himself like that ”; “They don’t want to shoot because they look 60 at their age”; “I don’t recognize my favorite actor!‘ the audience complains.

Recall that last year Peter divorced actress Irina Shebeko, with whom he had been married for about 16 years. The ex-spouses have a daughter, Alexandra. “Petya and Ira divorced recently. The guys tried to save the relationship. But still decided to leave”, — the source shared with StarHit in June 2021.

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