Feb 18, 2021
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Peskov: the US is better off thinking about Texas power supply than Nord Stream 2

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov commented on the attempts to interfere with the will of the United States in the construction of “Nord Stream-2”. The real question “absolutely does not touch the US energy supply.”

Peskov: the US is better off thinking about Texas energy supply than Nord Stream 2

He portrays Nord Stream 2 as an important project, but he does not look at the energy supply of the States. But it will provide Europe with energy, unusually in conditions of turbulence around climate change, ”Dmitry Peskov said.

A spokesman for the Russian leader noted that the Americans “should pay attention to the energy supply problems in Houston. “Texas wouldn’t be in the way of providing heat and electricity. Here, of course, they would not be prevented by gas, ”added Dmitry Peskov.

The Kremlin knows nothing about the negotiations between the United States and Germany over the Nord Stream 2. “We proceed from the numerous statements of German colleagues who insist on the completion of the construction,” Dmitry Peskov reported.

Texas was mentioned due to recent weather abnormalities. Due to a snowstorm, about 3.2 million people living in the American state were left without electricity, another 260 thousand people were left without running water. Also in Texas, there is an abnormal decrease in the temperature of the spirit, which is why the inhabitants have to heat their homes using improvised methods that have not helped for centuries: fireplaces, gas stoves and generators that provide electricity.

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