May 15, 2020
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Peskov specified the release date of Putin's article on World War II

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The publication of an article by Russian President Vladimir Putin about the Second World War will depend on the date of celebration 75 - Victory Anniversary. The timing of the article’s release was specified by Dmitry Peskov’s press secretary, TASS reports on Friday, 15 on May.

"Celebration 27 - the Victory anniversary takes place throughout the current year, so there is still time [дляподготовки статьи]," - noted Peskov.

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The Russian leader announced last December about plans to prepare an article based on archival documents of the war years. .

Recently, the president in his public speeches has paid considerable attention to these events, including the so-called Munich agreement. The Russian leader also condemns attempts to falsify history. So, on the eve of May 9, he said that there is no justification for those who are trying to blame the war on the USSR, which lost 27 million citizens in it.

Vladimir Putin is not the first to write about the Second World War. In the 2009 year, as prime minister, he wrote an article for a Polish newspaper in which he urged not to consider the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact as the only “trigger” of World War II. According to Putin, the Munich Agreement 1938 of the year played a similar role. In 2011 - he wrote an article for the American magazine World War II, telling about the joint work of Russian, German and Polish historians on the study of the events of the Second World War. He also advised Americans of certain books about the war.

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