Jul 31, 2020
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Peskov on the presentation of the constitution along with a passport: people will know it better

The press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov commented on the order of Vladimir Putin to consider the possibility of presenting the new constitution along with the passport, writes TASS.

Peskov recalled that such a practice existed in the USSR, noting that it was great.

“I’ll tell you by my own example: when many years ago in another country - in the Soviet Union - I received a passport, I was then given the Constitution of the Soviet Union,” a Kremlin spokesman said. "It would be great if this happened, because the better people know the constitution, the better they can defend their rights."

Earlier, following a meeting with a working group on the preparation of amendments to the Constitution, Putin instructed the Government of the Russian Federation to consider the issue of presenting the publication of the basic law in the current edition simultaneously with the passport to Russians who have reached the age of 14, as well as to those who have received Russian citizenship.

Today Peskov spoke about the prospects for amendments not included in the Constitution.

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