Sep 15, 2020
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Personality psychology: what wrinkles can tell about a person, his character and biofield

Personality psychology: what wrinkles can tell about a person, his character and biofield

Facial wrinkles are incapable of lying and can provide answers to important questions. You can tell about a person's character and determine how strong his biofield is due to the location of wrinkles on the face, which are not always a sign of aging.

The human body is unique. He is able to tell a lot to an attentive observer. Experts recommend peering into your reflection in order to better reveal your own psychological portrait and correctly decipher the location of wrinkles on your face. Thanks to the knowledge gained, everyone can change for the better, as well as find the reasons why the biofield is weakening, in order to eliminate them in the shortest possible time.

1. On the forehead, there are some of the most informative wrinkles called the folds of the mind. They are located in the center of the forehead, parallel to each other. In the event that the wrinkles deepened and there are more of them, the person is on the verge of moral exhaustion and emotionally overloaded. Also, folds on the forehead may indicate frequent headaches and a weakening biofield due to constant employment. To cope with difficulties and get rid of the consequences of excessive work will help not only breaks from work and good rest, but also hormonal gymnastics, which strengthens the immune system.

2. Another important sign of fatigue and negative impact on a person from the outside is the appearance of the so-called folds of wisdom. These deep wrinkles are located on the sides of the forehead, above the eyes, and their intensity reflects the physical and mental state of the person. The deeper the folds are visible, the greater the threat to health can be caused by ill-wishers due to a gap in the biofield. You can avoid this if you strengthen your own biofield every day and communicate with unpleasant people as rarely as possible.

3. In the neck area, there are wrinkles called stubborn folds. Their appearance indicates a situation when a person is not able to solve his problems, find compromise solutions and put an end to a difficult matter. It will be possible to get rid of such wrinkles by achieving harmony with the outside world and learning to admit your mistakes. Those who cannot start working on themselves face frequent pains in the neck and constant minor troubles.

4. The folds, which are commonly called crow's feet, are located at the outer corners of the eyes. They betray an attentive and enthusiastic person who is used to looking at life with optimism. In the event that such folds become deep or appear in large numbers, a person has problems not only with the biofield, but also with the perception of information. Such wrinkles more often appear in a person who takes everything to heart, does not know how to stop in time and not pull other people's problems onto himself. If you do not learn to be bolder and stronger, there is a risk of falling under the influence of manipulators.

five. Wrinkles around the mouth indicate that a person is overly shy and afraid to stand up for himself. The appearance of such folds also suggests that the body is exhausted and unable to cope with even the slightest health problems. The appearance of such wrinkles speaks for itself: it is important for a person to train willpower, as well as to strengthen the immune system in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

6. Wrinkles above the upper lip indicate problems in your personal life. For those who began to notice such changes in themselves, it is important to take care of themselves, leave past grievances behind their backs and open up to a wonderful feeling of love. Also, wrinkles above the lip often indicate a decrease in immunity and problems with the health of the reproductive system.

Whatever the wrinkles, their appearance is unlikely to please any person, which means that you need to carefully monitor your health, have a good rest and learn to look at life optimistically. Thanks to proven methods, everyone will be able to cope with the early appearance of annoying wrinkles if they listen to the wisdom of their ancestors: they knew exactly how to preserve beauty and youth for many years.

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