Apr 19, 2021
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Performing in the costume of Elephant Gluk’oZa admitted that in just one rehearsal for the number in the show “Mask” she threw off 2 kilograms

07:02, 04/19/2021

The 34-year-old singer said that she admires the endurance of the project participants.

The first semi-final of the “Mask” show took place last Sunday. The release turned out to be perhaps the most emotional during the second season. Of the six remaining heroes of the project, the Hare, Lama and Rhino were nominated. According to the results of the audience vote, the Hare continued to participate in the competition, and the members of the jury gave Lama another chance. Thus, Rhino had to take off his mask, in whose costume Kirill Turichenko, the soloist of the Ivanushki International group, was hiding all this time.

After the exposure, Turichenko could not contain his emotions and during his final speech, in which he thanked the judges for giving him the opportunity to stay in the TV project every time, he burst into tears. “I thought I’d get well sooner, to be honest. But the chance that they gave me here, to prove myself, and you felt it – it is very dear to me, really, ”- said Kirill. Note that the artist’s sincerity touched the chairman of the jury, Philip Kirkorov, who noted that this is extremely rare now.

Kirill Turichenko as Rhino in the show “Mask”

Another emotional moment in “The Mask” was the appearance on the stage of the show of a guest star in the guise of the Elephant. The character briskly galloped to “Crying for Techno” and from zeal in the finale of the number fell straight to the floor. After Elephant was raised to his feet, and he caught his breath, everyone found out that Natalya Chistyakova-Ionova, better known as a singer, was hiding under the guise of a hero. Gluck’oZa… The only one who immediately understood who was hiding in the doll was Alexander Revva. “This is because Revva practically lives in our house, and I live with him. And I don’t know, Sasha, how to get rid of you, ”commented on the intuition of the jury member Natalia. To which Alexander replied that he assumed that under the guise of Gluk’oZa just like that, at random.

“I am shocked by the project, everything is so interesting here. The jury – a separate bow. And a separate respect to those who live in these dolls not one day, but weeks. It is very difficult!” – Gluk’oZa shared her impressions. Immediately after the release of “The Mask” on the air, the singer supplemented the review by writing in her microblog on Instagram that she had lost a lot of weight during the rehearsals for the number.

“I sang and“ trampled ”in the image of the Elephant my favorite song“ Crying for Techno ”. And I got great pleasure! What an interesting experiment it is to sing in a wrong voice! I wanted so much to confuse the jury, but it was not easy to deceive my close friend @arthurpirozhkov. Thanks again to everyone involved! And I want to convey my respect to people working in mascot costumes! I definitely threw off a couple of kilograms for each rehearsal! ” – noted Natalia (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. – Noteed.).

Gluk’oZa shared her impressions of the performance in the show “Mask”

Let us remind you that Sultan became the second invited guest in the first semi-final of “Mask”. The disclosure of his personality made an indelible impression on the chairman of the jury. Philip Kirkorov could not completely believe that his 88-year-old father turned out to be in the image of the eastern ruler. But the grandchildren Bedros Filippovich turned out to be more shrewd than their star father. Alla-Victoria and Martin, who were present on the set, said that they recognized their grandfather even before he sang the song. Note that both Bedros Kirkorov and the children of Philip Bedrosovich are big fans of The Mask.

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