Apr 28, 2021
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Perfect Thursday April 29, 2021: what you can and cannot do on this day

Perfect Thursday April 29, 2021: what you can and cannot do on this day

Blameless Thursday, also called Great Thursday, is coming. This is one of the most important days of the Hot Week. It’s time to learn the history of this day, as well as get acquainted with what you can do on Perfect Thursday, and which devalues ​​are more important to refuse.

Perfect Thursday is as famous as the day on which Thursday salt is made, but it is remarkable not only for this. This day is rich in traditions and important rules that every Orthodox believer must observe.

On this day, the Hidden Supper passed. It was the last meal of Jesus Christ with his disciples, before his crucifixion. On this evening something important happened – Christ washed the feet of his disciples, which indicates his extreme humility and desire to be equal with them.

Also, at the Hidden Evening, Christ sanctified bread and wine, saying “this body and my blood.” That is why, during communion, all Orthodox Christians break bread and drink wine. Maundy Thursday is called irreproachable because on that day Christ washed the disciples’ feet and cleansed them from the weight of sin.

On this day, the church also remembers the Lord’s prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, after which the traitor Judas stuck to Christ and kissed him in such a way to point out to the guards the one whom the book-eaters and Pharisees considered their thief.

April 29 you can and even should visit the sanctuary of God… On this day it is important to receive the sacrament of confession and communionbecause on this day, according to the scriptures, all the disciples broke bread with Christ and drank wine with him.

This is the day of purification of the press and the body, therefore on this day it is necessary wash up… When washing, you can use holy water… On Maundy Thursday cleaning is not recommended, but you can wash the windows if you feel like it.

April 29 it is customary to start preparing the ceremonial table for Easter… You can start baking cakes and painting eggs, but only if you did not have time to do it earlier or cannot do it tomorrow. According to popular signs, now Do not leave small items unfinished – for example, dirty dishes in the sink

On this day, in no case is it impossible to scold loved ones, and in general, in general, swear and show negativity. Perfect Thursday looks to Hot Week, so now it’s worth observing the iron fast. It is impossible to watch entertainment programs on the Internet and on TV, to eat meat, milk and other products of animal origin… Dry eating is introduced on Impeccable Thursday, that is, you can eat all raw food without heat treatment.

Great Easter is approaching. Tune in to the right wave and do not try not to break the traditions and rules on April 29 and the remaining days until Sunday. Recite prayers at home and attend the sanctuary. This day is perfect for inner growth.

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