Apr 10, 2021
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Perfect size. 6 most popular misconceptions about female breasts

To gain noticeable breasts, women spend hours in the gym, take special supplements, resort to various cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery. However, women in their quest for chic forms often fall into the traps of stereotypes about “perfect breasts”, which absolutely all men like. Plastic surgeon Lyubov Gower talked about the most common misconceptions about this part of the body.

Myth number 1. The larger the size, the more beautiful

Many girls are sure that men only like lush, large breasts. However, this is far from the case: usually the stronger sex favors naturalness, regardless of the volume.

Quite a frequent situation when the owners of such an impressive “treasure” come to the reception with a request to reduce it by several sizes. One of the reasons is that such a “burden” causes back pain and problems with the spine, with large breasts it is uncomfortable to play sports. So today there is a new global trend: mainly patients who come to the mammoplasty procedure, whether it is an increase or decrease in the mammary glands, want a bust of a natural shape – the second or third size.

Myth number 2. The mammary glands are symmetrical

This is not true. All paired human organs are not identical: for example, one eye is larger than the other, the ear differs either in the degree of adherence to the head or in its shape … The same applies to the chest. Usually the left breast is slightly larger than the right, and this is completely normal. Repeated studies have proven that no one has absolute symmetry. And it makes sense to resort to surgery only when the asymmetry is significantly pronounced.

Myth number 3. Diet will help you find beautiful breasts

The weight of one breast is 2-3 sizes on average 400-600 g. There is evidence that each gained kilogram increases the weight of the mammary glands by 20 grams. There is such an obvious formula: “The greater the body weight, the heavier the chest.” Of course, it is necessary to bring the weight back to normal. But one must understand that the breast is one of the first to lose weight. Severe diets and fasting are especially dangerous. In order not to get saggy breasts, you need to lose weight gradually and combine diet with exercise. But go to the other extreme – trying to increase breast size with weight gain – is not worth it. Fatty and rich in “fast” carbohydrates food will certainly affect the stomach, and these folds are not easy to remove, except with the help of liposuction.

Myth number 4. Breast surgery is unaffordable and expensive

Not anymore. Mammoplasty is one of the top 5 most popular plastic surgeries in the world. And today this type of correction is available not only for stars, Hollywood and Russian celebrities or models, but for almost every woman who objectively has a reason for dissatisfaction with the bust. It is only important to carefully choose a clinic and a surgeon.

Myth number 5. Installation of implants can provoke cancer

This is speculation. Numerous studies have shown that the presence of endoprostheses does not affect the appearance of malignant neoplasms. The main cause of breast cancer is hereditary predisposition, overweight, as well as hormonal problems, smoking, alcohol abuse and poor ecology.

Myth number 6. The larger the volume of the implant, the larger the breasts.

Many patients are convinced that when a large volume implant is installed, the size of the breast will increase. This is not true. The volume of the mammary glands is not estimated in milliliters. Much depends on the structure of the chest. If it is wide, then even when installing implants with a volume of 400 ml, the breast will not be larger than the second size. And if the chest is narrow, then 200 ml of volume is enough to get the third size.

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