Oct 14, 2020
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People’s program. United Russia will pay much attention to the social sphere

A large social block will be included in the electoral program of United Russia. Therefore, it will become truly popular, as it will be based on the proposals of citizens. It will focus on a wide range of issues - from the protection of labor rights to the provision of free prescription drugs. This, in particular, was discussed at a meeting of the commission for the preparation of a document with which the party will go to the elections to the State Duma in 2021.

Social partnership

In the program, a large block will be devoted to the protection of labor rights, since during the pandemic it became especially important. There have been cases when people were forced to leave their jobs using the existing loopholes in the legislation. In addition, a large number of employees were transferred to teleworking, and this area has not yet been regulated. Therefore, the party is now working on the necessary amendments to the Labor Code. But as stressed Chairman of United Russia Dmitry Medvedevdespite this, the fundamental provisions of labor law must remain unchanged.

“It is they who constitute the backbone of guarantees in labor law in relation to each specific employee and are the guarantors of the strict observance of the rights and interests of citizens,” the head of the party said.

Among the elements that will strengthen the current labor legislation, he named social partnership and strengthening the role of workers in managing the economy, including through public associations, solving the problems of the self-employed. According to Medvedev, all these proposals should be reflected in the election program.

Head of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia Mikhail Shmakov, who became a member of the commission, believes that social partnership can become the cornerstone of the party program. According to him, this mechanism ensures the stabilization of society.

“We are seeing destabilization in neighboring countries. There is no real social partnership. We have. And we need to develop it. This will lead to the protection of the interests of both workers and the self-employed - everyone who is, in fact, a worker, ”said Shmakov.

Affordable medicine both in the city and in the countryside

At the same time, the party is convinced that we should not forget about creating a comfortable urban environment, and the infrastructure should be created in the village close to the urban one. We are talking, in particular, about the availability of medicine, education, and landscaping.

“We need, without a doubt, universal gasification of rural households not at the expense of consumers, but at the expense of other sources. And, of course, the creation of convenient roads and transport opportunities for free travel of villagers to cities, ”Medvedev said.

In his opinion, the program should reflect the new requirements for the use of modern electronic services and services in this area, strengthening the primary care, supporting physicians and medical education, and developing the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

“You also need to set the task of providing all citizens with prescription drugs, which are prescribed by a doctor, at the expense of public funds, using the mechanisms of compulsory drug insurance,” the chairman of United Russia said.

The party's social agenda should be based on targeting, timeliness, consistency and indifference, she noted member of the Presidium of the General Council of the party, co-chair of the working group of the party to support civil society, Senator Maria Lvova-Belova, also included in the commission for the preparation of the election program.

“High social responsibility is what our voters expect from us. Our goal is that, regardless of location, social status, a person can receive guaranteed services in the field of education, health care, family support, self-realization, ”she stressed.

Secretary of the General Council of "United Russia" Andrei Turchak confirmed that the program will be socially oriented.

“Protection of workers and self-employed people in the new economy, guaranteed minimum income and targeted assistance to all those in need, development of local self-government and implementation of the national budget practices, affordable and high-quality medicine, development of rural areas, ecology. All this will become part of the party program aimed at improving the quality of life of people, ”summed up Turchak.

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