Sep 17, 2022
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People surprised by the “dragon skull” found on the beach

dragon skull found on the beachResidents of Yorkshire (England) while walking along Bridlington Beach discovered part of a mysterious skeleton.

dragon skull found on the beach

The find confused people, because most of all this item resembled a dragon’s skull. Internet users, looking at the photos, also found the resemblance striking.

dragon skull found on the beach

There were lovers of mythology who even explained the presence of holes in the upper part of the skull – supposedly they are designed to remove hot gases so that the head of the fire-breathing dragon does not explode.

dragon skull found on the beach

But alas, the tale came to an end after some recalled a similar incident that occurred in 2013 in Ireland. A “dragon skull” was also found then, but Dr. Karen Petersen from the Department of Biology at the University of Washington (USA) provided a prosaic explanation for the strange fragment of the mysterious skeleton. It turns out that these are just the pelvic bones of a seagull. So, no matter how sorry to disappoint the lovers of magic, encounters with dragons are not expected in the near future.

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