Aug 6, 2020
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People "strong physique" captured the office of the Public Monitoring Commission in the center of Moscow

On the night of August 6, unidentified persons seized the building where the office of the Public Monitoring Commission (POC) of Moscow is located, the executive secretary of the POC Alexey Melnikov said on his Facebook. He clarified that we are talking about a building in Krapivensky pereulok, 3, building 1, where there is an office for storing appeals to the PMC.

The estate of F.Ya. Gassa - I. N. Ivanova - an architectural monument of the XIX century. Melnikov said that the representatives of the commission were denied access to the building by unknown people of "strong constitution". The observers called the police, but refused to intervene in the events, as they considered it to be a civil dispute, TASS reports.

Melnikov showed reporters that the gates to the building were blocked, and other locks appeared on the door. Also, there was an announcement from the private security company, which previously guarded the building, REN TV reports. “In broad daylight in the center of Moscow to capture, so to speak, an object is a rather ambiguous situation. I don’t remember this in my memory, it feels like we are returning to the 90s,” Melnikov said.

Unknown persons barricaded themselves inside the premises and blocked the entrance to the territory, blocking the gates with a car with tinted windows and closed numbers, "360" TV channel reports. Unknown persons were wearing masks and did not go to communication, turning away from the journalists.

The invaders themselves introduced themselves as volunteers and claim that they have documents of title to him, "but so far the situation looks like an attempted raider takeover," said the executive secretary of the POC. "They say that they are new tenants and they have a contract, but we do not know anything, no one has notified us about anything. The CEO of the company that owns the building stands with us and confirms that no contracts have been concluded with other persons," he said Melnikov (quoted by Interfax).

At the same time, according to him, the police know the people who seized the building. "There was an interesting moment, we asked the employees: do you know who these people who do not let us in? They said they know, but they will not tell us - the tenants and the owner of the premises," the executive secretary of the POC said to Readovka.

The police, in fact, refused to help the commission employees, Melnikov wrote later: "The police are not taking any action to find out the identity of the citizens who are preventing POC members from accessing the rented premises." Law enforcement officers advised to come in the morning and write a statement, as well as go to court. Melnikov said that he intends to apply for the protection of his rights to the Moscow prosecutor's office in the near future.

The POC of Moscow is engaged in public control over the provision of human rights in places of detention: pre-trial detention centers, special detention centers, duty units of police departments, correctional colonies. The basis for the creation of the PMC is the federal law of June 10, 2008 N76-FZ "On public control over the provision of human rights in places of detention and on assistance to persons in places of detention."

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