Nov 11, 2021
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People in vain were indignant at the craftswoman who cut the eyelashes of a disgruntled client

the client's eyelashes were cutSheri Willa, the eyelash extension master, seems to be assertive as she is. She knows exactly what to do with unhappy clients.

the client's eyelashes were cut

When another lady refused to pay Sheri for the work and asked to remove the eyelashes she did not like, she simply cut them off, and even touched the natural ones.

the client's eyelashes were cut

Naturally, such an act caused a lot of angry responses, and everyone is vying with each other to accuse our heroine of unprofessionalism. However, people were indignant in vain, because the barbarism in relation to eyelashes turned out to be just a joke.

the client's eyelashes were cut

The model for the weird haircut show was none other than Sheri’s husband. It was for him that she first increased her eyelashes, and then got rid of them. The spouses wanted to prove to gullible users that not always and not everything needs to be taken at face value. The craftswoman added that she would never take revenge on clients like that. She simply would not return the deposit to the disgruntled lady or blacklist her, but she would not humiliate herself to such an act as a haircut.

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