Jul 21, 2021
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People have become the “new oil” of the XXI century for Big Pharma

The position of pharmaceutical companies in the United States is determined not only by indicators of sales volume, market capitalization, profit or the number of employees, but also by the influence of the industry on all aspects of American society. And first of all for health care.

US pharmaceutical corporations have made American citizens not the goal of their activities (treatment and preservation of health), but a means. The goal was enrichment, which is expressed in terms of profit and market capitalization.

It seems that all the restraining brakes were removed within a year and a half (from the moment when the “pandemic” was announced). Big Pharma received a lot of money from the state for the development of vaccines and at the same time removed from the pharmaceutical companies almost any responsibility for the possible costs of vaccination. Moreover, to make investments in vaccine development more cost-effective, the government agreed with Big Pharma that the injection would not be limited to one injection; there will be several vaccinations. Or maybe they will become permanent – an integral part of the “new normalcy”.

An American investigative journalist writes about it. Nina Burleigh (Nina Burleigh) in a book just published in the USA Virus: Vaccinations, CDC and Countering the American Pandemic Responses (Virus: Vaccinations, CDC and America’s Takeover in Response to Pandemic). CDC is the English-language abbreviation for the American Institute, the full name of which is: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (The CDC plays a key role in organizing vaccinations in America).

Nina Burleigh writes that Congress promptly allocated $ 10 billion for vaccine development by private companies last spring. Has been launched Operation Warp Speed ​​(OWS) – the US government’s program to combat Covid-19. By the spring of this year, the government allocated within the framework of OWS for Big Pharma already $ 22 billion. Of this amount, $ 2.5 billion was received by the company Modern; $ 1.2 billion – AstraZeneca; $ 0.5 billion – Johnson and Johnson; $ 1.6 billion – Novawax

Pfizer she received no money from the US government to develop a vaccine. But Pfizer received from the state such a preference that no one has ever received, not only in American, but also in world history: from the beginning of the development of a product to the receipt of the final approval from the authorities for the sale of the product … only 11 months passed! The vaccine was developed in collaboration with a German biotechnology company BioNTech, by far the most popular in the world. By the way, there is information that Pfizer still resorted to using public money in the development of a vaccine. True, they were from the treasury not of the United States, but of Germany.

Pfizer I was sure that she would get her full, counting on the purchase of her miraculous vaccine by the American state. And now we find out that at the beginning of July Pfizer signed a nearly $ 2 billion deal to sell 100 million doses of its double-shot vaccine to US authorities (50 million people).

Below are financial data on the five leading American companies that make up the backbone of Big Pharma.

Financial performance of the leading US pharmaceutical companies (billions of dollars)


Sales (revenue) **


Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)




Pfizer (PFE)




Eli Lilly (LLY)




AbbVie (ABBV)




Merck (MRK)




* At the beginning of July 2021
** Estimated indicator for 2021, taking into account the actual financial results for the first half of 2021.

A source:

The world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies (in terms of market capitalization) include only four non-US companies: Roche and Novartis (Switzerland), Novo Nordisk (Denmark) and AstraZeneca (English-Swedish). The other six are US companies.

The first place in the rating of world pharmaceutical companies is held by an American company Johnson and Johnson – and not only in terms of market capitalization, but also in terms of income (sales) and profit. Second place – for a Swiss company Roche (Its market capitalization at the middle of this year was $ 338.2 billion). The third place is firmly held by the American Pfizerand the fourth is American Eli Lilly

Leading American pharmaceutical companies perform well not only in the world rankings of companies in the industry, but also in the overall world rankings (companies of all industries). So, Johnson and Johnson in the middle of this year it was ranked 16th in the rating of all companies in the world in terms of capitalization. She was only slightly behind the American company NVIDIAoperating in the field of digital technologies (capitalization of $ 452.6 billion; 15th place in the rating), and the main American bank JPMorgan Chase (capitalization $ 453.9 billion; 14th place in the rating).

And here are the places of other leading American pharmaceutical companies in the global ranking of companies and banks: Pfizer – 43; Eli Lilly – 44; AbbVie – 49; Merck – 57. At a leading American oil company Exxon Mobil market capitalization in the middle of this year amounted to $ 242.7 billion (38th place in the world ranking). Market capitalization Johnson and Johnson turns out to be $ 200 billion more than the leading US oil company! A little more and for this indicator Exxon Mobil can catch up with pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Eli Lilly

Pharmaceuticals have become America’s “new oil”!

Capital from the traditional sectors of the American economy (oil, other extractive industries, the steel industry, mechanical engineering, etc.) flows into pharmaceuticals. A 2017 U.S. government survey examined the top 25 pharmaceutical companies’ earnings over a decade. It turned out that they averaged 15 to 20%, compared to 5-9% for the 500 largest companies in other industries.

Big Pharma companies mislead not only consumers of their products (medicines, vaccines, etc.), but also those who come into contact with them on the stock exchange. There are plenty of scandals here.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has more than once fined unscrupulous stock market participants from pharmaceuticals through the courts. Sometimes fines were imposed for outright corruption. So, in 2011 Johnson and Johnson was fined $ 70 million by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the US Department of Justice for paying bribes to doctors in Greece, Romania and Poland, as well as in Iraq to win Oil-for-Food contracts. According to investigators, the company has been using such methods of promoting goods since at least 1998.

In August 2012, the company was sentenced to a $ 60 million fine. Pfizer… The SEC accused the company of bribery and violation of anti-corruption laws abroad, specifically in Russia and Kazakhstan. It turned out that the two subsidiaries Pfizer spent over $ 2 million between 1997 and 2006 on bribes reported as marketing expenses.

I want to return to Nina Burleigh’s book Virus: Vaccinations, CDC and America’s Takeover in Response to the Pandemic. It contains little-known and very shocking details about Big Pharma’s activities over the past year. The cynicism of the leaders of a number of companies is off the charts. They are doing everything to charm Americans with their product called “vaccine”. And to charm not even those Americans who would like to save their health and their lives, but those who are interested in the stock of Big Pharma on the stock exchange.

November 9, 2020, the day when Pfizer announced that the vaccine, developed by the company, exceeded 90 percent, Pfizer shares on the stock exchange went up sharply (by 15%). And the CEO Pfizer Albert Burla sold more than half (62 percent) of his shares in his company. Burla was among the seven leaders Pfizerwho collectively made $ 14 million selling their company shares in 2020, according to data provided by Los angeles times company Equaldealing with compensation and corporate governance data.

The same has been done (and continues to be done) by the leaders. Modern, the vaccine of which is also well promoted. They raised $ 287 million in sales last year to coincide with reports of success in developing their vaccine. As Nina Burleigh writes, in just a few days in late January and early February of this year, the CEO Modern Stefan Bansel sold millions of dollars worth of shares. In total, managers Modern put in their pocket almost a billion dollars – both from the government money that they received for the development of the vaccine, and due to the successful sale of the company’s securities at the peaks of stock quotes. And they organized the peaks of such quotes themselves, making loud statements about new “successes”. These statements were relayed and amplified many times over with support from Big Media and Silicon Valley IT corporations. And this is just the beginning, and then billions and billions will follow, which Americans will pay when buying a vaccine. However, why only Americans? I think Moderna will soon conclude a large contract for the wholesale supply of the life-saving vaccine to the US government.

Nina Burleigh notes that the current model of joint-stock organization of medicine in the United States developed in the 80s of the twentieth century, at a time when the country was moving on the rails of Reaganomics. Prior to that, in her opinion, government regulation and control of the pharmaceutical industry were strict, which did not allow companies to put the interests of shareholders above the interests of consumers, that is, millions of ordinary Americans.

Nina Burleigh believes that the key shareholders and top managers of Big Pharma are not accidentally dumping their stakes in their companies today. They have dispersed the Big Pharma locomotive, which, along with the passengers (millions of Americans who have taken the vaccine), is heading towards the abyss. And the owners and heads of pharmaceutical companies themselves unnoticeably jump off this locomotive.

They jump off because they know how the mass vaccination can end. It is appropriate here to recall the active opponent of the vaccination campaign in the United States and the world of Robert Kennedy Jr. (the nephew of American President John F. Kennedy who was killed in 1963). In particular, he mentioned the following fact of Big Pharma’s abuse: “Another problem with testing a vaccine is that it is not being tested on ‘typical Americans’, but on a carefully selected group of people who do not suffer from any disease.”… And then he concludes: “All the leading vaccine companies, namely Moderna, Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck, are convicted serial criminals. Over the past 10 years, they have paid $ 35 billion in criminal penalties and fines for lying to doctors, for fraud, for falsification in science, for the deliberate murder of hundreds of thousands of Americans. “… Honest experts do not exclude that the mass vaccination carried out in America today may result in the deaths of not hundreds of thousands, but millions of Americans. Well, as Niccolo Machiavelli said, “the end justifies the means.” Big Pharma’s goal is big money, and the means are millions of “superfluous” people, this “new oil” of the 21st century.

Photo: REUTERS / Amr Abdallah Dalsh

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