Nov 23, 2022
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People began to save on the New Year


Experts told why the Russians began to save on the long-awaited holiday.

Russians will spend less on New Year’s celebrations this year than in the past. Already, analysts are recording a decrease in the average check for traditional goods, including artificial spruces, champagne and even tinsel.

The first figures for the purchase of goods for the upcoming holidays were published by the Chek Index, a resource for the operator of fiscal checks based on the analysis of data from more than a million online cash registers. Analysts found that the cost of artificial spruce decreased by 7%. Citizens not only choose a cheaper product, but they also purchase fewer trees themselves.

Spending on Christmas tree tinsel decreased by 1%, and on sparkling – 3%. It is noted that the Russians now choose cheaper drinks than before. The company associates this with more economical consumer behavior, as manufacturers do not reduce prices.

Despite the appearance of an assortment of New Year’s paraphernalia in stores at the end of October, Russians are still selectively approaching the issue of purchasing such goods, preferring to choose more budget options.“, — noted in the service.

At the same time, sweet gifts for children are very actively bought up on marketplaces. Almost all major venues have noted a significant increase in the number of orders for sets of sweets and chocolates in festive packaging. Online stores record an increase in sales by 2-3 times. For the rest, managers say, everything is the same as before, though the sizes of the heart checks are not disclosed.

According to experts, the economical behavior of citizens is associated with many factors. In the 10s, in general, there was a trend towards a more modest celebration than in the 2000s. Less and less money is spent on fireworks, champagne no longer flows like water. In addition, many believe that this year is generally special, and its events are not conducive to magnificent celebrations.

The real money income of the population is falling. There are those who have increased their income. But I think it’s no secret to anyone that these are mostly wealthy people. But they are also radically changing their consumer behavior. This is due to the redistribution of resources to other interests in connection with the situation that has now developed”, – Izvestia quoted the words of the deputy head of the Independent Institute for Social Policy Lilia Ovcharova.

At the end of November, hotel and apartment booking services reported on the most popular destinations that Russians choose to celebrate the New Year. Among the leaders were mainly domestic cities and resorts.

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