Apr 28, 2021
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“People are dying and dying from the minimum wage”

Poverty and misery have swept over Russia due to the sharp rise in food and clothing prices. Instead of real solutions that would make it possible to level the problem, the Ministry of Labor, in my opinion, went for another impudent manipulation and decided to abolish the consumer basket in Russia. In addition, the officials decided to abandon the size of the subsistence minimum, which is established every quarter, and from the minimum wage (minimum wage). From now on, key social indicators will depend on the median wages.

People from the “old minimum wage” are dying and dying. Last year, there were as many as half a million fewer of us. Therefore, officials of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection could not think of anything more original how to change the procedure for calculating the cost of living and minimum wages. The next reform in the social sphere, as always, should bring happiness to the whole people.

“Now the rise in prices is so strong for everything that it is impossible to hide. And this is primarily due to the devaluation of the ruble. For this reason, a great idea arose – to put fictitious figures,” said economist Mikhail Khazin, commenting on what is happening. – Fictitious figures of average income, a fictitious curve distribution of income, and, accordingly, as a result, they calculate completely fictitious indicators.I have already told that today this is a common phenomenon, and for this reason, I personally began a year ago within the framework of the Mikhail Khazin Foundation for Economic Research to do macroeconomic reviews. that the degree of lies of all statistical agencies is prohibitive. “

The Ministry of Labor has decided to officially abandon the consumer basket. Say, what to count when one adult is entitled to a month in it: 9 kg of bread, 24 liters of milk, 8 kg of potatoes, a little less than 5 kg of meat and 15 eggs. The basket also contains non-food items: medicines, shoes, clothing, utilities and transportation costs. However, experts believe that these calculations humiliate the country and its citizens.

“The sum does not change from the rearrangement of the terms. That is, all these methods of calculating the minimum wage – from the median salary, from the consumer basket … In general, the calculation of the minimum wage from the consumer basket, you know, resembles some kind of, I’m not afraid of this word, social camp,” the economist is sure Alexei Lapushkin – I emphasize, not a socialist, but a social camp. Where there are so many eggs, so much bread, so much meat, so many socks for such and such a period. In general, for a country like Russia, the calculation is similar The cost of living from the consumer basket is simply a shame. This is a shame for us. The problem is simple and it rests on one key thing: we need a change in economic policy. We need not to reshape the existing pie, but to increase it. The only method of fighting poverty since the times, God forgive me. , The Creation of the World can only be the creation of new jobs. “

Obviously, the preservation of the old consumer basket did not fit into the bravura reports about the success in the fight against poverty. If you cancel it and switch to new calculations, you can achieve a twofold decrease in poverty. The fact that this fact will not reflect reality, apparently, is of no particular interest to anyone.

“If we talk about the new method, it is based simply on the statistics of the median of the average wage. But statistics are a crafty thing. That’s why it’s not necessary to say that the new methodology really reflects the reality that exists in life, ”says economist Konstantin Dobromyslov, in turn.“ And it turns out that it is quite crafty. The old methodology is based on factual Given that the cost of labor in Russia is underestimated, we can therefore say that the median average wage is also underestimated. funny. “

Today the median salary in Russia is 30.5 thousand rubles. The minimum wage is 42% of this income, or 12,792 rubles. The living wage for the current year is 11,653 rubles. Why this particular percentage was chosen is not clear to analysts. Obviously, these calculations will lead to savings on ordinary people. After all, the lower limit of pensions, payments, benefits to families with children, disabled people, beneficiaries and so on is tied to the minimum subsistence level. This minimum is a conditional line for determining the level of poverty. New manipulations will allow clever men from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection to calculate the minimum without taking into account inflation. For example, if food prices went up and median wages remained the same, the poverty line would not change. It is these scams that officials intend, most likely, to improve the welfare of the country’s citizens.

Yuri Pronko

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