Sep 20, 2022
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People are carried away by the new culinary fashion and serve oil boards on the table

oil is smeared on boardsBread and butter is a classic. But at the moment, many lovers of delicious food are sure that this traditional recipe can be somewhat modernized.

oil is smeared on boards

A new trend that has spread on social media is that people are serving oil boards. That’s right – boards thickly smeared with soft butter. You can sprinkle the oil on top with salt, your favorite herbs and seasonings. And then it is enough just to dip slices of bread into the surface of the board to enjoy the wonderful taste. However, you can take butter from the board with a knife, acting in the old fashioned way.

oil is smeared on boards

Butter boards also appealed to those with a sweet tooth, because you can add not something salty to butter, but, for example, jam and fruit – and now we have a sweet alternative to an increasingly popular snack.

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