Oct 25, 2021
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Pentagon Games: US announced the test of its “Zircon” and immediately reported failure

Pentagon Games: US announced the test of its


The international media widely covered another failure of the American defense industry, which caused a real shock in the White House. It all started with the fact that in the early morning of October 21, the Reuters news agency stunned the overseas public with the message: “The launch vehicle carrying hypersonic weapons has failed.”

Then the TV channel CNN connected, which provided this information already in the light of the confrontation between the superpowers: “The United States failed in the race with China and Russia to develop hypersonic weapons when their last test failed, the Pentagon said in a statement … The failure was another blow to the US efforts. after a failed test in April and followed a few days after it became known that China had successfully tested a hypersonic glide path.

“The interrupted launch was part of the joint Dark Eagle program, carried out in conjunction with the army and the navy to develop land-based and submarine-launched hypersonic missiles,” the British Daily Mail notes, citing its insiders.

By the way, Free Press recently devoted material to this program. The article reported that the Americans are preparing to conduct a pre-production test of the two-stage Dark Eagle under the conditions of the highest secret in response to our “Zircon”.

The Lewis-McCord Consolidated Base Public Affairs Office, which received the first two Dark Eagles on October 7, informed stakeholders of the high-availability prototype. It was hinted that all that remained was to conduct the final tests already in the army. Moreover, the supply of this super-duper weapon to combat units was supposed to begin “by 2023 fiscal year”, that is, until September 30 of next year.

When this news became public, overseas experts, not without great-power pride, explained that at the disposal of the USEUCOM and USINDOPACOM headquarters, the commanders of theaters of operations in Europe and the Pacific, respectively, in the next 12 months will receive at least one battery of combat-ready prototypes of the Dark Eagle. Say, they will be capable of hitting critical targets at a distance of 2,775 km and 1,800 km.

The Free Press suggested that the unexpected and unpredictable US progress in the field of hypersonic weapons (the program started in 2017 practically from scratch) is most likely associated with industrial espionage. It just doesn’t happen otherwise. But, as a rule, the first clones are not viable, which, for example, is evidenced by the fate of Dolly the sheep. It is one thing to make an experimental “hardware”, another – to bring it to mass production, especially since “hypersound” does not forgive fuss.

We also note that despite the “details” allegedly obtained by Reuters, CNN, Daily Mail etc.The Pentagon was extremely stingy in covering the details of its failure. Therefore, the story with the “failed start” can easily hide completely different secrets.

Say what you like, it is hard to believe that the problems are related to the ballistic upper stage, which is, in fact, the usual first stage of classic missiles. The United States has accumulated a tremendous amount of experience in this area. Earlier, after all, it was officially reported about three successful separate tests of some technologies of the “Dark Eagle”.

Taking into account that classical testing goes from simple to complex, it can be assumed that everything is in perfect order with the overclocking unit. In fact, a Pentagon spokesman when asked by an ABC News reporter Luisa Martinez said literally the following: “The launch vehicle with a hypersonic sliding body attached to it could not launch today during the launch test at Kodiak.”

According to overseas independent analysts, on October 19, in the form of warnings to civil aviation and maritime carriers, the first signs of the upcoming test of the “Dark Eagle” appeared from the Kodiak base (located on an island off the southern coast of Alaska), which has long been a testing ground for the Pentagon’s missile tests.

These warnings specifically indicated that a military missile would be launched from the waters of the Kodiak archipelago. And after the flight, she had to fall within the missile defense test site named R. Reagan on the Kwajalein Atoll of the Marshall Islands. That is, the “Dark Eagle” had to fly almost 6 thousand km!

In theory, the predominant part of the trajectory should have been provided by the upper stage, that is, a conventional ICBM with a Dark Eagle in a streamlined tip. Towards the end of the flight, apparently, the glide path hypersonic apparatus was to separate from the first stage and, rushing downward, hit the target. But something went wrong during the start, otherwise the test would have simply been postponed.

It is noteworthy that an ordinary US Navy lieutenant was instructed to report the problems of the “Dark Eagle” Tim Gormanthough this kind of news usually comes from the lips of at least three-star generals. In addition, literally on the eve of the test, the President of the United States Joe Biden said he was concerned about Chinese hypersonic missiles after learning that Beijing had tested hypersonic weapons capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

So: this very Lieutenant Gorman told the world about the failure of the accelerator unit. According to his spatial and confusing explanation, the failed test has nothing to do with the hypersonic weapon itself. Overseas expert people asked a logical question: “Do you take us for fools when you say that you tested hypersonic weapons, which, it turns out, have nothing to do with hypersonic weapons, especially if they were supposed to fly 6 thousand km?”

However, another development of events is not excluded. So, blogger Tyler Rogoway @ Aviation_Intel suggested that the alleged leak of information about the “Dark Eagle” was made by the Pentagon deliberately, while on Kodiak Island they wanted to test a completely different missile weapon. Like, after studying the flight trajectory, which is indicated in the warning, the expert discovered that this is not a two-stage, but a three-stage rocket. But why the US Department of Defense needed this is generally incomprehensible. It looks like the Yankees are bluffing or wanting to minimize reputational damage by hinting at something special.

And it turns out that the Stars and Stripes king is naked.

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