Sep 23, 2022
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Pensioners threatened with deductions from pensions


Elderly people are advised to be more careful about loans.

Citizens of Russia receiving a pension were urged to take loans prudently and repay them in good faith, because in the event of a debt, it will be deducted from pension payments. According to Valery Ryazansky, chairman of the Union of Pensioners, according to the law, 50 percent of the total amount can be recovered, but in some cases financial organizations act in bad faith and take up to 75 percent for themselves, leaving a person without a livelihood.

The pension is reduced by the debt that the pensioner is obliged to pay. However, if it exceeds 50% of the pension, then it is withheld in installments. In my practice, there were situations when 75% of the pension was deducted from a debtor pensioner. It’s illegal“, – said the expert.

Ryazansky also noted that sometimes half of the prescribed pension is not enough for a citizen, because it turns out to be less than the subsistence minimum. In such a situation, it is best to contact the bank and look for a compromise solution – for example, change the payment schedule and the monthly amount of the transfer, writes Konkurent.

Recall, on the eve of an important statement on loans, including mortgages, made the Central Bank. The regulator notified citizens mobilized by decree of the President of the Russian Federation that they have the right to defer payments, and their relatives can apply to financial organizations with documents. In addition, the State Duma is considering the possibility of paying off the debts of those who are subject to conscription.

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