Oct 14, 2020
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Pensioners have lost billions – the main responsible in the Ministry of Finance

The grandiose scam in the Russian Pension Fund began to unwind like a ball in the Investigative Committee of Russia. Six former and current employees of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation ended up in the pre-trial detention center - all the heads of specialized departments who dealt with public procurement. But the name of Anton Drozdov, who at that time served as head of the Pension Fund, does not appear anywhere. Although it is very difficult to believe that such a corrupt mess could unfold without his knowledge. He no longer heads the FIU. Sensing that he smelled fried, Drozdov flew off to the Ministry of Finance - he sits there now and tries not to shine. But we are watching him anyway.

The Basmanny court arrested six employees of the Russian Pension Fund until December 1: Alexander Rudnev, Dmitry Kuznetsov, Ruben Efianjyan, Yevgeny Nikitin, Yevgeny Turchak and Konstantin Yankin. Two of them, Konstantin Yankin and Alexander Rudnev, were listed as acting leaders of various ranks prior to their arrest. Almost everyone has awards - diplomas of the Pension Fund, badges "Honorary Worker of the Pension Fund of Russia" and various kinds of gratitude signed by Anton Drozdov. All six of them are charged with taking bribes on an especially large scale using their official position by prior conspiracy in the amount of more than 200 million rubles. According to the TFR, they sold information about upcoming government purchases and helped to win the bidding for the ex-co-owner of Promsvyazbank, Alexei Ananiev and the structures under his control.

Redsis LLC is the key counterparty for government contracts. The main activity of the organization is the production of computers and peripheral equipment.

The company won as many as 11 PFR tenders for an astronomical amount of 9,353,168,163 rubles, and another 24 government contracts for 1,330,603,599 rubles were signed with the Interregional Information Center of the Pension Fund of Russia. That is, almost $ 11 billion as a bush for the supply of computers, small software utilities and other delights of digital life. At the same time, the money that was transferred to Redsis LLC, flowed abroad, since the company is registered on the Cyprus offshore Ralieva Management LTD, 100% of the authorized capital of which is pledged by Promsvyazbank, which previously belonged to Alexey Ananyev.

But not all the tidbits of the pie went to Redsis. There was also Technoserv with a pool of government contracts exceeding 7 billion rubles. Here Ananiev made a knight's move - he arranged in the Pension Fund of Russia as an advisor to his former deputy for Technoserv, Alexei Ivanov - he eventually rose to the rank of first deputy head of the fund and did not forget about his previous place of work - most of the victories in tenders for the purchase of equipment and software development was carried out by Technoserv. And, of course, this absolutely clumsy and completely stupid scheme has surfaced. In May last year, Aleksey Ivanov was detained by FSB officers on suspicion of accepting a bribe on an especially large scale.

The question arises: the hell is happening in the Pension Fund: cutting billion-dollar contracts, money leaking offshore, the second person in the Pension Fund takes bribes (by the way, after being detained, he fully admitted his guilt), and Anton Drozdov is the head of the Pension Fund of Russia that, never sleep not in spirit? Meanwhile, in January of this year, Drozdov, who headed the Pension Fund for 12 years, hastily packed his things and moved to the chair of the Deputy Minister of Finance and is now being turned into rags. Suppose that he does not know who Alexey Ananyev is, and everyone hid everything from him. And they also hid about the undercharging of pensions for the elderly? Opening two or more accounts for the same person, assigning one SNILS to several people - this is what happened in the Pension Fund of Russia for two years from 2017 to 2019 under the rule of Anton Drozdov. And he is also not aware of the fact that the PFR employees transferred pension money to non-state pension funds without the knowledge of people?

- There is a conspiracy, there are corruption schemes, - said the lawyer Alisher Zakhidov. - Those people who steal money from a non-state pension fund are in collusion with the employees of the Pension Fund of Russia. This is one criminal scheme, and it is almost impossible to expose it, because everyone feeds on it. For each person whose money is forcibly transferred, all participants in the scheme receive a certain bribe. This money cannot be transferred unnoticed, because it is all visible during the transfer. But the people who are doing this pretend that everything is fine. Accordingly, they are in collusion with the pension funds into which the money is transferred. They just need to check the entire top for corruption. There we are talking about billions.

And the expensive foreign business trips of the Pension Fund employees ... Officials under Drozdov did not deny themselves flights to Milan and Paris. What for? What kind of work trips are these? And the palaces of the PFR have already become the talk of the town. Pompous towers made of glass and metal, rococo halls, golden columns and tapestries.

“The first thing to do is to liquidate the Pension Fund, and the state should pay state pensions directly,” economist Alexei Lapushkin is sure. - Current technologies more than allow it, because the Pension Fund is chic. In the center of each constituent entity of the Russian Federation, there are two most luxurious buildings - Mezhregiongaz and the Pension Fund.

The pompous palaces of the RPF attracted the attention of even President Vladimir Putin.

- I agree, they swung too much with their apartments, - Vladimir Putin noted earlier. - It annoys people. And I support that as well. The total cost of these facilities is estimated at 120 billion rubles.

And this with a budget deficit of the Pension Fund of 209 billion rubles. This is the result of the work of Anton Drozdov and his team. Because of the hole in the PFR, the retirement age had to be raised, and the indexation of payments to working pensioners had to be abandoned, because there was no money.

- To restore the indexation of pensions to working pensioners, in 2020 we need 368 billion rubles, - said the head of the Pension Fund of Russia in 2008 - 2020. Anton Drozdov. “This is a lot of money, and we don’t have that kind of money now, so we base our budget on the legislative norms that exist now.

Anton Drozdov has no money only for pensioners, but for himself he has. And here the story is similar to that of the palaces of the RPF - pompous, expensive and too sweeping and defiant.

According to media reports, Drozdov and his closest relatives own property, the market value of which is estimated at about 970 million rubles. And this is completely incomparable with the officially declared income of Drozdov and his wife.

Over the past 9 years, they have earned about 80 million rubles. The Drozdovs own three land plots, a country house in the area of ​​Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway and 3 apartments in the central districts of the capital. At the same time, Drozdov had the opportunity to pay 2.5 million rubles a year for the education of his two children at the Moscow School of Economics.

And his eldest daughter became a student at the prestigious University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where the heir to the British crown, Prince William, once studied. The cost of studying at a Scottish University per year is 1.5 million rubles. It is hoped that the Investigative Committee has just begun to unwind the tangle of a grandiose scam at the Russian Pension Fund. It is too naive to believe that all this mess happened without the knowledge of Anton Drozdov. He, of course, made a feint with his ears and flew away from the FIU in time, but after all, his service in the Ministry of Finance should not interfere with a fair investigation?

Maria Ivatkina

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