Jan 10, 2021
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Pence admitted the possibility of applying the 25th amendment to Trump

US Vice President Mike Pence did not rule out that he could take advantage of the 25th amendment to the Constitution, which allows him to remove the president from power, CNN reports citing a source.

Pence left this option in case incumbent President Donald Trump proves to be “more unstable.”

Under this amendment, if the vice president and most of the cabinet declare the president’s incapacity, Pence will automatically become acting head of state.

Earlier, the expert assessed the chances of Trump’s removal by the end of the term. According to Fiorina, Democrats in Congress will continue to discuss impeachment in order to secure a ban on Trump from holding elected office in the future. Prior to that, it was reported that the Senate after Biden’s inauguration may consider impeachment of Trump. By the time this issue is considered, Trump will no longer be considered the incumbent president.

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