Jun 30, 2020
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Pelageya younger, cutting the bangs and changing the image

Singer from prettier.

Pelageya posted a photo to his Instagram. A few hours ago, the singer shared with his fans a pleasant change: a new haircut it is clearly to face. Pelagia looks satisfied and happy, changing the image.

“I cut bangs. Remember 2014… And the mood has improved! (C) Grishkovets”, signed artist post with photos.

Fans in the comments immediately showered her with compliments: “luxury”, “suits you”, “younger by 20 years”, “a fresh and wonderful in this way”, “pretty woman.” We can say that the singer really looks like a girl 23-26 years.

It should be noted that the haircut looks professional, but Pelagia has not commented on whether it did the master, or herself. One thing’s for sure — he worked at home. Probably, it could be a friend of the Barber. After cutting the bangs, it made her younger in appearance than in 2014, when Pelageya was similar haircut. The woman is very pleased with himself.

What is the reason for the sudden desire of change, is unknown. It could be any event, or just a desire to bring something new.

Angelina Sokolowski

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