May 27, 2022
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Pelageya won a complete victory in a property dispute with Ivan Telegin


Singer Pelageya sued her ex-husband, hockey player Ivan Telegin, for two years, and finally, the long proceedings ended.

Singer Pelageya and her ex-husband Ivan Telegi shared in court for two years the property they had acquired during their marriage. The couple had a lot of claims to each other, so the process turned out to be difficult, and only on May 25 it finally ended.

According to the artist’s lawyer, his ward managed to win a complete victory over the ex-husband and leave behind everything she wanted. But Telegin’s claims were not satisfied by the Nikulinsky District Court, so the athlete had to be content with only half of the country house bought with a mortgage.

The court recognized the apartment on Nezhinskaya Street (which Ivan claimed) as the property of Pelageya. All the evidence and documents presented were taken into account that the artist’s mother (Khanova S.G., producer of the Pelageya group) gave the money for this housing, and Telegin had nothing to do with them. What he was counting on is unknown, ”said lawyer Philip Ryabchenko.

Pelageya with her daughter Taisiya
Pelageya with her mother and daughter Taisiya

Pelageya also managed to prove that Ivan hid part of the money savings from her, and to ensure that these funds were divided equally. Now the ex-spouses can only jointly pay off the debt for the house in the suburbs, in order to sell it later and collect the parts due to them with money.

Justice has prevailed. I did not doubt for a minute that Telegin had no chance with such unworthy demands. He lived for three years in an apartment that he did not purchase. He took money out of the family, hid it in accounts and acquired property with his relatives and the relatives of his current wife, Maria Gonchar. The court made the only right decision – to leave all Telegin’s demands for Pelageya unsatisfied”, – the lawyer rejoiced for his client in an interview with StarHit.

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