Apr 20, 2022
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Pedicure at home

Pedicure at home

A pedicure is a hygienic procedure that is desirable to be carried out monthly. Coating nails with varnish is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also useful, it prevents the development of fungal diseases. And if the skin and nails are sick, then a pedicure cannot be performed.

In the summer, try to match the nail polish on your hands and feet to match your lipstick.

So, you have chosen the time for yourself. After a good foot bath, you can start working with steamed nails. Let’s start by moving the cuticle at the base of the nails with a special spatula, then cut the nails, as for the thumb, then it is worth cutting the nails in a straight line. Then file your nails with a special four-sided or double-sided nail file to give them smoothness and shine. Then you can cover the nails with a special protective agent, after varnish, and finally – with a varnish fixative.

If the toenails exfoliate, then you can treat the nails with iodine, or cover them with vitamin varnish without color, and also use special healing oil. In no case do not cut off the rough skin on the toes, this can lead to inflammation of the skin, in this case, use special nail files and brushes.

Skin problems? Turns out chocolate isn’t just for eating.. try the chocolate wrap! and believe yourself.

And do not forget that every detail of your appearance is visible to the people around you, so be perfect in everything! Walk with pride!


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