Apr 23, 2022
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“Peacemaker” Scholz: “Russian troops must retreat”

Pictured: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz/

In the photo: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz / (Photo: dpa/picture-alliance/TASS)

Germany believes that a peace agreement on Ukraine is needed, which “will allow Kyiv to defend itself in the future.” At the same time, Berlin is ready to act as a guarantor of security, said the German Chancellor. Olaf Scholz.

“A truce is needed, Russian troops must retreat. A peace agreement is needed that will allow Ukraine to defend itself in the future. We will equip them so that their safety is guaranteed,” Scholz said in an interview with Spiegel magazine, adding that Germany is ready to act as a guarantor country and that there will be no “imposed peace”.

According to him, Berlin “is responsible for peace and security throughout Europe.” In this regard, the German Chancellor noted that he “does not consider justified” the direct participation of his country and NATO in the situation in Ukraine.

In addition, Scholz opined that the sanctions are causing “tremendous damage” to the Russian economy.

“A cold peace, not sealed by an agreement, will not take Russia out of the sanctions regime,” he stressed.

I wonder what it means to “allow yourself to be defended in the future”? And what does it mean “we will equip them so that safety is guaranteed?” Are they stuffed with weapons? But how can this contribute to peace?

In fact, this topic has already fairly split Germany. The other day, Spiegel wrote that the leader of the opposition, the head of the CDU Friedrich Merz may raise the issue of supplying Ukraine with heavy weapons, which should cause resistance from the Chancellor and may provoke the collapse of the coalition and the resignation of Scholz.

So it would be better for Berlin to solve its internal problems …

By the way, the guarantees of the Germans, even hypothetical ones, are not trusted in Ukraine either.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexey Danilov publicly questioned them.

“And even today, if someone assumes obligations, then a certain time will pass – a year, two, five – circumstances will change, and they will interpret these obligations in a completely different way,” he said.

He called the army and its weapons guarantees of Ukraine’s security, while noting that it is almost impossible to return the country’s nuclear status.

By the way, no one has asked Russia yet. Moscow is hardly ready to trust the guarantees of Berlin.

“Scholz’s statement is an inadequate and out of touch statement,” he said. political scientist Alexander Dudchak.

Everyone remembers what “German guarantees” are. If Scholz doesn’t know, let him ask. Steinmeierwho already signed as a representative of the guarantor country under the Agreement on the settlement of the crisis in Ukraine on February 21, 2014. Germany was one of the guarantor countries that did not fulfill their obligations, as a result of which a civil war broke out in Ukraine, and the whole series of subsequent events that we see today. So, this impulse is a waste of Scholz’s time and energy, and he should save his energy – now everything is very expensive in Europe.

“SP”: What can these guarantees be? Or is it just empty words?

— None. There is no point in believing them, and no one needs their guarantees.

“SP”: How to understand the phrase about “we will equip them so that their safety is guaranteed.” In the sense that they will arm them and make them their military-political protégés?

– They call on Russia to stop the hostilities, and they themselves admit – for what. In order to buy time, try to supply Ukraine with new batches of weapons, strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But by this they guarantee not security, but a greater number of victims among the civilian population and military personnel, the destruction of cities and industry by the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“SP”: But Danilov doubted the effectiveness of the security guarantees that Kyiv can receive. Why?

“Even people like Danilov understand that no one can guarantee them anything. In Kyiv, “talking heads”, up to the president Zelenskyjust doing tasks. They voice what they should – to place orders for new deliveries of weapons to the delight of the military-industrial complex of Western countries, to demonstrate their readiness to fight to the last of their citizens, to serve as a pretext for accusing Russia of crimes that they themselves commit, etc.

“SP”: And someone will ask Ukraine who they believe and who does not?

– Nobody asks Ukraine at all. And whether they believe someone or not is also of no interest to anyone. Ukraine is a kamikaze, and in the view of the West, it should commit suicide in the interests of London and Washington, inflict maximum damage on Russia and become an eternal reason for anti-Russian sanctions until Europe itself burns out from these sanctions. Or don’t get upset.

“SP”: Well, can Russia trust any guarantees from the FRG? Or is there no faith in Berlin at all?

All their guarantees are meaningless. Russia does not need them. And they do not and cannot have faith. The West needed to react earlier – in December 2021, when Russia asked to take into account its most important legal requirements regarding the security of the state. Only Russia can guarantee the preservation of the lives of Ukrainians. After the demilitarization of Ukraine, there will be no one to destroy the cities and villages of the territory that is now called Ukraine. And denazification will return these lands to the path of development.

– Germany is the economic leader of the EU, whose interests lie largely in the east of Europe, including Ukraine, – explains Advisor to the President of the Russian Association for Baltic Studies Vsevolod Shimov.

– Therefore, Scholz’s activity is quite understandable. Germany competes for a share of its influence in Ukraine with other players – the USA, Poland, Great Britain.

“SP”: – In Scholz’s statement, there is some undisguised allusion to the armament of Ukraine. Is this a guarantee?

– Yes, most likely, we are talking about the transfer of old weapons. For the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this will be quite enough. This is a typical tactic of the West – to dump any surplus and obsolete equipment to the countries of the periphery. As for Germany itself, militarily it remains a disabled, de facto US-occupied country. Some of the German elites are quite satisfied with this, while others are striving for a more independent game. Hence the split.

“SP”: – And what exactly can be political guarantees?

– It is hard to say. Guarantees of territorial integrity? But it is already obvious that Ukraine will continue to lose territory, whether someone likes it or not. Security guarantees? It is also not clear who and how will provide them. The preservation of a strong army in Ukraine is unacceptable to Moscow, as well as the appearance on Ukrainian territory of any Western military formations. Some kind of collective security force with the participation of Russia, Germany and other interested players? Maybe, but so far all this is clearly from the realm of hypothetical assumptions, and before the completion of the second stage of the special operation, Russia is unlikely to enter into any negotiations.

“SP”: In Ukraine, they are doubted. Don’t trust the Germans? And who do they believe?

“Kyiv has no reason to believe either Germany or anyone else in the West, which has shown a complete inability to ensure the security of the Kyiv regime. Therefore, Danilov’s words reflect the disappointment and resentment of the Kyiv puppet regime, which suddenly found itself to be nothing more than expendable material in the geopolitical game against Russia.

“SP”: Shouldn’t we trust them too?

– In my opinion, it is categorically impossible to trust anyone in the West. The West is a natural geopolitical rival and competitor of Russia, and a cunning and perfidious one at that. Therefore, when signing any agreements, one must be prepared that they can be violated at any moment.

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