Apr 5, 2021
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Peace cannot be seen under Zelensky – former prime minister of Ukraine

Vladimir Zelensky. Photo: Kremlin Pool / Global Look Press /

The head of the Independent is dancing to someone else’s tune

The situation in the Ukrainian state leaves much to be desired. The crisis continues to gain momentum, and the people are showing more and more dissatisfaction with the actions of the current leader of the country, Vladimir Zelensky. As the former Prime Minister of Independent Mykola Azarov noted, it is not worth counting on positive changes under such leadership.

The once high-ranking Ukrainian recalled that during the election campaign, Zelenskiy managed to achieve a serious level of trust among citizens. However, during his reign, the politician completely discredited himself, and now his ratings are rapidly rolling down.

However, now the Ukrainian leader is most interested in the opportunity to curry favor with Western curators. His policy has long since become completely dependent on Western countries. This behavior of Zelenskiy does not bode well for Ukraine. According to Azarov, with this President Nezalezhnaya should not count on peace and tranquility. The commander-in-chief will not do anything to stabilize the situation in the state.

Azarov stressed that “everything is clear” with this leader. Until Zelensky leaves his post, Ukrainians will not be able to breathe freely, the words of the politician are reported by the edition.

By the way, recently in Ukraine they decided on the term of the “liberation” of Crimea. The Kiev regime is waiting for the complete surrender of Moscow due to the lack of water on the peninsula.

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