Jun 3, 2022
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PE: In Moscow there was a contract killing of a businessman


According to the press, a businessman was shot in the center of Moscow.

A daring crime has taken place in the capital. Hovhannes Kamaryan had long been wanted in Armenia and had a dubious reputation.

On the evening of June 2, several shots were fired in the center of Moscow. As it turned out, Hovhannes Kamaryan became the victim of the killer’s attack. The offender fired two bullets at the businessman, after which he took a photograph of the corpse and fled.

At the time of the attack, 22-year-old Yekaterina Popova was next to Kamaryan. The girl managed to escape from the crime scene. She was later interviewed by the police.

It is not yet known who and for what reasons dealt with the businessman. Hovhannes Kamaryan has been wanted in his native Armenia for several years. Back in 2013, the entrepreneur tried to organize a contract killing of his competitor Rafik Madoyan. He promised the potential killer $500,000 and a mansion in Spain. However, the massacre was then prevented.

Now the main financial assets of Kamaryan are registered to children. So, his son Khachatur is considered the head of one of the largest polymer production companies in Russia. According to journalists, the massacre occurred precisely on the basis of conflicts in the business environment, Caution: News reports.

While the police are busy searching for the killer. It is known that the crime was committed by a man of average height at the age of 25-30 years. Upon the fact of the attack, criminal cases were initiated under articles “Murder” (105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and “Illicit trafficking in weapons” (222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

By morning it became known about the arrest of the alleged killer. They, according to the source, became a certain 24-year-old Alik. E.

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