Aug 6, 2022
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PE: Grandmother killed her daughter and three grandchildren


The elderly woman poisoned the whole family.

A terrible thing happened in the Saratov region: one day a whole family died at once: a mother and her three children. The investigation had no idea that their closest person arranged the murder.

The pensioner planned the crime in advance. So, she bought a murder weapon – poison, and immediately decided how she would feed her 23-year-old daughter, as well as her grandchildren of three, five and seven years old. Grandmother knew what dish the family would take with a bang and cooked it. She threw the poison into the milk soup.

While everyone was distracted, they did not pay attention to me, I went outside. She brought a bag of poison, added it, stirred it. She laid them out on plates for the children, put them here on the table. And the daughter sat down at the table. I fed them this noodle‘ she confessed.

After such a treat, all her household members died. Later, the woman confessed to fatal poisoning. She also revealed what motivated her to do something terrible. According to the pensioner, she was fed up with caring for her disabled daughter and her heirs. It was difficult for her to cope with her grandchildren, since their own mother abandoned her upbringing, Channel Five reports.

Until the confession of the grandmother, the investigators did not foresee that it was she who was to blame for what had happened, they blamed the gas or the insecticide for everything, they say, the family simply inhaled it.

Obviously, now the poisoner will not be able to evade serious punishment, and she will spend many years in prison.

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