Nov 13, 2022
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PE: Famous actress was hospitalized


Actress Marina Dyuzheva was injured after a fall.

It became known about the hospitalization of 67-year-old actress Marina Dyuzheva. She had an unfortunate fall on the street, having received a compound fracture with a displacement of the radius of her left hand. At first, a splint was applied to her, but complications began and she had to resort to surgical intervention with the installation of a fixing plate.

It is known that the unfortunate fall happened at the end of October.

Marina Dyuzheva is known to the audience for her roles in the films “Pokrovsky Gates”, where she plays one of the girls of the hero Oleg Menshikov – Kostya. It is her heroine, a graduate student, who pronounces the phrase that has gone to the people: “I am all sudden, so awkward, all angular … all contradictory.”

The actress has played in more than 180 films. These are the pictures: “For family reasons”, “Tavern on Pyatnitskaya”, “Front behind the front line”, “State border” and others, in which she played the main and secondary roles.

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