Sep 7, 2022
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PE: Businessman found in car trunk


The body was found inside a parked car.

In the west of Moscow, a man’s body was found inside a parked car. The head of the Khimfud company, Mikhail Kotov, turned out to be killed.

Early in the morning, 50-year-old Mikhail Kotov went for a run in the area of ​​​​Vernadsky Avenue, after which he was going to go to the Universitet metro station to meet his wife. At 13:27 local time, the entrepreneur was found in the trunk of a car with signs of violent death in the form of a gunshot wound.

The suspect was taken into custody in hot pursuit. It turned out to be 46-year-old Lema Ibragimov, who is engaged in the construction business, as well as selling fruits and vegetables in the capital. The reason for the murder was probably a conflict over business, clarifies the UK.

Law enforcement officers and representatives of the prosecutor’s office are working at the place where the body was found. All the circumstances and motives of what happened are established.

Kotov was the head of the Chemfood company, which promotes food ingredients. The company is already aware of the tragedy.

Note that at first the media reported that Mikhail’s body was found in a taxi, later they clarified that the car belongs to the entrepreneur’s wife. The confusion occurred due to the fact that the driver was driving, introducing himself as the drivers.

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