Aug 6, 2022
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PE: Bloody child found in Omsk


Grandfather almost killed his grandson after the massacre of his wife.

A terrible tragedy unfolded yesterday in Omsk. A third grader ran away from home late at night with a bloody wound. The boy turned to a passerby for help. It turned out that the grandfather of the child brutally killed his wife, and then tried to commit suicide. It turned out that the elderly couple are the parents of the athlete Anton Chizhikov.

According to journalists, the tragedy occurred last night. 65-year-old Arkady attacked his wife with a knife in the midst of a family quarrel. He inflicted as many as 15 wounds on the woman, from which she died on the spot.

All this time, a ten-year-old grandson, who was left with his parents by his mother, was in the apartment. The boy tried to protect his grandmother, but in response he received a blow to the arm. Having dealt with his wife, Arkady tried to commit suicide right in front of the terrified child.

The third grader ran away from home and only a few blocks later came across a passerby. The woman contacted law enforcement agencies and called an ambulance to the bloodied boy. The grandfather of the child was also hospitalized with injuries, he is in serious condition.

Later it turned out that the elderly couple were the parents of Anton Chizhikov, a well-known sportsman in Omsk. The fighter participated in international competitions, and in 2018 he became the world champion in Thai boxing.

I am always very worried about him, and I am proud and happy, of course. When he became a champion, a lot of people congratulated us. All the neighbors were rooting for himoh,” Chizhikov’s mother told reporters.

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