Nov 8, 2022
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Pavel Volya wants to replace Dorokhov


Artist Pavel Volya wants to overthrow another TNT comedian.

Recently it became known that Garik Kharlamov left the Comedy Club. His place was taken by Andrei Beburishvili. Now Denis Dorokhov is aiming for the place of his co-host – Pavel Volya.

Garik Kharlamov shocked fans with the sudden news of his dismissal. The 41-year-old comedian noted that there was no scandal. On the contrary, he leaves on a cheerful note.

Comedian Denis Dorokhov believes that it is time for Pavel Volya to leave the TV project, he proposed his candidacy to the leadership of the TNT channel.

Pavel Volya - photo from the archive -
Pavel Volya – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Well, Garik Kharlamov left Comedy and gave way to the young. And I think Bebur is doing a good job. I thought that Pasha Volya also needed to be replaced somehow. I do not know, for example, me! And what, I also have the face of a bastard, not glamorous, but still … And in the end, Elvira (wife), I love you!“, said Denis Dorokhov.

A member of the KVN team “Kamyzyaki” called on fans to attack Volya’s social networks with messages. “The road to the young, Dorohu – the road! And as Azamat said, now you help me get there, and then somehow climb yourself and don’t write to me here anymore“- concluded Denis.

By the way, about the changes, the husband of Laysan Utyasheva spoke ironically during the program. “I went out alone today at the very beginning. We don’t just have a replacement host, Harlashechka is sick, he is now watching TV. Harlashka, get well soon. In the end, the time has come for new presenters, ”he was sad.

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