Nov 21, 2021
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Pavel Volya told how his children grow up


42-year-old artist Pavel Volya admitted that he has no time to be bored with children.

The Comedy Club resident and the award-winning gymnast have been married since 2012. They are raising two children: son Robert is eight years old, and daughter Sophia is six. Stars rarely talk about their personal lives, preferring not to advertise their marital happiness.

Pavel and Laysan have not yet shown the faces of the children, trying to protect them from early publicity. However, Volya still spoke about his daughter and son, talking with Ivan Urgant on the air of his show.

As it turned out, Robert is already interested in his father’s profession and wants to follow in his footsteps. Sometimes the boy assures his dad that he cannot cope without him on tour, and asks him to go together. “He is sure that he is the same profession as me, that is, a “shooter”. He does not know the word “stand-up comedian”, and therefore says: “I am a shooter, my dad is a shooter, we are shooters“”, – Pavel explained.

Pavel Volya with his wife and children
Pavel Volya with his wife and children

Robert has two prepared jokes that he utters into the microphone on the sound check. “The girl was so fat that the bed slept on her – this is the first. Good joke! And the second – one man dressed up as a chameleon, comes up to another and says: “It’s me, a chameleon.” I asked him where to laugh, and he answered me: “Dad, actually chameleons don’t talk!“” – shared the star father.

Sofia still does not share her brother’s interests in the profession of dad, and her mother has not yet taught her many “feminine things”. “She still laughs like a retired general,” the artist admitted with a smile.

However, according to the comedian, his daughter is “a specific person.” “A friend came to us recently, she pushed him to the door and said:“Hi, I’m Sophia. I am the smallest here, almost no one considers my opinion. Here is the corridor, there to the right is my mother’s room, my room with Robert is there, we live together with him. Here is the Moon, when I grow up, I will fly to the Moon – come through! ” He went nuts!“- said Volya.

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