Jun 14, 2022
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Pavel Tabakov revealed the reason why Renata Litvinova cannot yet return to Russia


Actor Pavel Tabakov called the reason why Renata Litvinova stays in Paris.

Renata Litvinova has been in France since March. From time to time, the actress gets in touch with Russian fans, but does not tell anything about herself – she only demonstrates new outfits and walks around Europe.

According to Pavel Tabakov, the actress went abroad for medical treatment. What exactly worries Litvinova, the actor did not say, he only noted that Renata Muratovna is under the close supervision of specialists.

Renata Litvinova went to Paris for health reasons. While the hospital where she is, forbade her to fly. Perhaps she will return, we will continue to play and there will be no problems. Of course, this is not up to me. But I hope it happens“, – said the 26-year-old son of Oleg Tabakov.

Renata Litvinova
Renata Litvinova

The artist, together with Litvinova, took part in the performances “The Star of Your Period” and “The North Wind”. Now Pavel not only performs in the theater, but is actively acting in films. For example, recently the film “Young Man” was released on the big screens, in which he played one of the main roles.

Renata herself does not talk about her health problems. A few weeks ago, the 55-year-old actress posted a picture from the clinic, but did not go into details. After that, the star shared several photoset frames in luxury clothes, so the public decided that nothing threatened the health of the idol.

Litvinov does not answer questions about Litvinov’s return. At the same time, he admits that he misses his native country very much. “Exit to the city. I met my Seryozha (as the artist calls the birds – ed.) from a past Moscow life. Such a mess. There is an apparent world here: the French presidential elections, cafes and coffee, but every day I read reports and call Odessa, where I still have people from the cinematic past … And my own mother and many others are waiting for me in Moscow …“- the director confessed earlier.

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